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Counseling: Studying in Germany

Germany is the world’s most popular non-English study destination, and the 3rd most popular overall. Their prowess in conservation science and engineering is highly recognized. In this video, our overseas admission expert for Germany, Pooja, shares insights and information that will maximize your admission chances to your target school in Germany.

Success Stories

Top universities in Germany where our students have been admitted

Harshitha Gowda

Harshitha Gowda

MS (IT), SRH Heidelberg GPA 67%, IELTS 6.5 @PES Karnataka

Sneha Mashalkar

Sneha Mashalkar

MS (Electrical), Darmstadt University GPA 76%, IELTS 7 @CMRIT Karnat

Supreeth Akki

Supreeth Akki

MBA, Munich Business School GPA 68%, GRE 305, IELTS 6.5, @Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Karnataka

Experts Tips to Study in Germany

Study in Germany- Living and Tuition Expenses

Clueless about the expenditure involved for studying in Germany? From application fees, tuition frees to cost of living- it is very important to have a clear idea about the expenditure involved for studying in Germany. Read more to know about the different types of cost involved for studying in Germany.

Masters in EEC in Germany (2019)

Why is Germany the perfect place to study abroad? If you’re an aspiring Electrical or Electronics engineer, this comprehensive guide will help you get closer to your dream. Here is everything you need to know about doing an MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Germany.

MBA in Germany- Pros and Cons

Germany is the world’s 5th most-popular study destination, with 22% of MBA applicants open to studying there. Do you wish to study MBA in Germany? Learn more about the possibilities in Germany as our experts guide you on why and how to get your MBA from Germany.

22 Reasons to Study in Germany

Looking forward to studying in Germany? High-end research facilities, varied course curriculum, affordable tuition fees coupled with an array of programs makes Germany one of the ideal destination for overseas education. Ideal to live at a reasonable cost, Germany offers you an array of job opportunities in varied fields. Read more to know about the top universities, the job prospects, health care facilities, research facilities and other details about Germany.

MS in Germany: Free tuition + Post-study work visa

What makes Germany the third most popular destination among international students? Did you know that there is almost no tuition fee at German universities? Learn more about the free tuition and the post-study work visa process that can help you make up your mind about studying in Germany.

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