Mega Study Abroad Fair In Chennai (USA | CAN)

5th May, 05:00 AM

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Embark on your journey to international education excellence at the Mega Study Abroad Fair hosted by Azent. Join us on 5th May at Chennai Centre for an immersive experience to shape your future.

Date: 5th May

Time: 10.30 Am to 3.30 Pm

Venue: 4th floor Kakani Towers, 34, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai - 600006

Why Attend?

  • Connect and Apply to universities directly.
  • Personalized counselling sessions available.
  • Expert guidance for the visa process.
  • Achieve 8-band IELTS mastery.
  • Secure education loans at 8% interest.*

Pre-upload your documents on the Azent app & receive spot offers and scholarships*.

Join us at the Azent Mega Study Abroad Fair at Chennai on 5th May and unlock a world of possibilities with the right guidance and support. Your future begins with Azent – Register now and seize your chance to soar!

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