Student Profile On LinkedIn to Study Abroad
3rd Oct 2023
Manisha Sharma

Maximizing Your Study Abroad Opportunities with a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Discover how to craft an outstanding LinkedIn profile to enhance your chances of studying abroad. Learn the significance of online presence and tips to stand out to universities and employers.

Globalisation has allowed students to pursue their dream of studying abroad. In the age of the internet and globalisation, online presence tells a lot about a person, hence many universities consider checking social media handles before granting admissions. For that matter, LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase academic and professional skills. In this article, we’ll learn how to build an impressive student profile on LinkedIn to multiply your chances of studying abroad.

Why is a LinkedIn profile important?

Building a LinkedIn profile will open your doors to the professional world. A stunning student profile will get you noticed by employers and you will learn the modus operandi of the professional world.

Moreover, many countries like Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Germany, and Spain provide scholarships to students. These scholarship providers conduct a background check which includes checking social media handles like LinkedIn.

If you have a stunning LinkedIn profile there are chances that you will get study abroad scholarships.

Top tips to build a stunning student profile on LinkedIn

The following tips will help you create a great online presence and attractive profile to attract employers while you are still studying. The key to a stunning profile is regularity in posting and building connections. LinkedIn is a platform where people showcase their professional and academic life and skills. These days, LinkedIn profiles make the first impression on employers and scholarship providers. Best overseas education consultants will always advise you to build a good LinkedIn profile to pitch yourself to various universities and employers. Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stunning are:

1. Make yourself familiar with your connections

This is one of the easiest ways to stay in the minds of important people. Making yourself familiar will make a consultant, an employer or a university representative feel like they have known you for a long time now. If you are seeking a scholarship abroad, you will need to be an open book to your scholarship providers. To do so, all you have to do is post your pictures or events from your pictures regularly. You should never shy away from showcasing your thoughts and experiences in various fields.

2. Showcase your efforts and cherish your success

If you are already a student abroad, you should share your journey of getting into the university and the issues you deal with. The purpose behind sharing this is that these incidents will tell you that you are competent in dealing with problems and obstacles.

Always share your moments of success in order to showcase your achievements. Always appreciate good causes and share about them. This will show that you will fit in a community well and also help in developing that community.

3. Always share the latest events and your views on them

This is one of the easiest ways to convey the fact that you are informed and interested in industry-related events and controversies. If you are specifically looking forward to studying abroad in a specific country, you should share your views on various events and major reforms in that country. Always convey your views in a polite manner and ask for views from your connections. Try to make your comment section interactive.

4. Post about your academic life

Show your presence on LinkedIn by regularly posting about your academic life. Keep yourself aware of study abroad programs and show interest in these programs regularly. Always share your experience in your school or college regarding various events like the Youth Festival and convocation ceremonies. Websites that provide information about these programs must be taken into consideration. Sometimes these programs may be student exchange programs or may require specific skills.

5. Showcase your grades to get admitted

If you are planning to pursue master’s abroad, showcase your bachelor's grades and achievements in your profile. Keep applying to various scholarship programs and pitch your abilities to scholarship providers. Countries to pursue a master's degree abroad are the USA, the UK, Canada, and Germany. It is important to identify the career you will pursue and then apply for a related master’s degree. Of course, a master's degree will showcase your knowledge and ability to adapt to practical conditions very well. Your grades and assignments will showcase your competence to employers.

The importance of LinkedIn to study abroad for Indian students

There are various options for Indian students to study abroad. There is a high demand for Indian employees in foreign markets. And when you have a good LinkedIn profile as a student there is a high chance that you will be shortlisted for great internships leading to high-paying jobs. LinkedIn not only helps the university to know you but you can also know about universities that interest you and the courses you wish to opt for. Spend some time on LinkedIn searching for universities and courses that fit your interests and the process to apply for the same.

How to Choose the Right Consultancy Service

Before opting for studies abroad, it is important to choose the right study abroad consultants. Good consultancy services are available online. These websites provide various services like tips to build a good online presence, course finders, and university finders.

You can consult a study abroad education consultant to build a presence online that will help you network with scholarship and internship providers. Your consultant will help you to clear IELTS and choose courses and universities that interest you. These consultancy services also take care of your travelling and housing. It is a great step towards studying abroad. Azent is a market leader in this niche and can offer you end-to-end support.


Building a good LinkedIn profile will always help you even after graduating and getting into the professional world. Building a good presence online will get you better opportunities over time. Even if you choose to do business in the future, this profile will get you more customers. Most startup companies choose to build a strong LinkedIn presence to make themselves presentable and stay up-to-date. We hope this article has helped you build a good profile on LinkedIn as a student. Drop your suggestions in the comment section; we would love to hear from you.

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