Comparative Guide to Study Abroad Costs
11th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

Comparative Guide to Study Abroad Costs: From Most Affordable to Premium

Explore our detailed analysis of study abroad costs, covering tuition, living expenses, and more in top destinations like the UK, Canada, USA, and Germany

If you think studying abroad is only a distant dream that’s hard to afford, then worry not. Scholarships and funding can help you fulfil this dream and help you craft your career just as you want. However, knowing the cost of living and studying in foreign countries is essential for all aspirants.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with an up-to-date analysis of the estimated cost, helping you make informed decisions. From tuition fees to accommodation, daily expenses to additional costs, we'll break down the expenses to give you a comprehensive understanding.

Use the Global Education Cost Calculator

The prices associated with study abroad programmes and the kinds and quantities of financial aid your home university offers create a lot of fuss about how much you have to spend when you are aiming to study abroad. Would it be easy to calculate how much studying abroad costs? The Azent calculator will give you a rough estimate of the expenses of your dream of studying abroad.

This calculator helps students unlock the actual cost of living and studying in different countries through an interactive quiz. For example, you need to choose your target country, desired course, accommodation preference, meals and commute choice, and favourite activities. After completing the quiz, you must register with your personal information to receive customised insights tailored to your unique choices.

Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

The most affordable countries to study abroad are European nations, and Germany is on top as it has many options for scholarships and fee waivers. Other than this, Canada also has cost-effective programs. This country also has an easy PR opportunity, and because of this, it is always on the radar of students to get student visas from Canada.

The countries where living is a little expensive on a student visa are the UK and the USA, but once you know how to manage your expenses, you will easily sustain yourself in these rich countries.

Explore and Study in the UK

The UK offers a unique blend of academic excellence, quality of education and work opportunities. With four out of the top 10 universities globally based in the UK, students can benefit from practical and utility-based knowledge, shorter course durations and the ability to work part-time or full-time during semester breaks.

The UK's proximity to major European countries and access to free medical treatment through the National Health Service (NHS) further enhances the learning experience.

FactorsAverage Cost (Pounds)Average cost (Rupees)
Tuition Fee11,400 per annum9.7 lakh per annum
Accommodation500 to 700 per month42,500-60,000 per month
Food, groceries100 to 200 per month8,500 to 17,000 per month
Transportation30 to 40 per month2,500 to 3,400 per month
Household Bills40 to 50 per month3,400 to 4,200 per month
Miscellaneous200 to 300 per month17,000 to 25,500 per month

Affordable Study in Canada

Canadian universities offer high-quality education, numerous research opportunities and affordable tuition fees. Canada ranks 15th on the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Innovation Index and 57th on the Universitas 2019 U21 National Higher Education Systems Ranking.

In Canada, you can enjoy multiculturalism. Canada is safe and peaceful, with students enjoying the same rights as Canadians.

FactorsAverage Cost (CAD)Average cost (Rupees)
Tuition Fees35,000 per annum18,84,000 per annum
Flight Expense1,600 per flight97,500
Study Permit Fees20011,000
Work Permit Fees21011,500
IELTS Fees 14,700
Accommodation5,000 to 10,0002.7 lakh to 5.4 lakh per annum
Travel Costs80 to 110 per month4,800 to 6,700 per month
Health Insurance300 to 80018,200 to 48,800 per month
Food300 to 40018,200 to 24,400

Premium Education in the USA

Studying in the USA provides many benefits for international students. This includes real-world working experience, better career prospects, cutting-edge facilities and multicultural experiences. Azent Overseas Education has a long history of helping thousands of students to fulfil their dream of studying in the USA.

Some of the world's best universities, such as the University of California, offer programs that equip students with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed for their dream careers. The USA is a very competitive country as students globally want to get a premium education from this developed country.

The US provides a broad liberal arts curriculum and flexible teaching styles, allowing students to find a school that fits their learning style and objectives. Cultural diversity is a crucial reason international students study in the US, as it provides exposure to global cultures and opportunities to make friends worldwide.

FactorsAverage Cost (USD)Average Cost (Rupees)
Tuition Fees50,000 per annum40 lakh per annum
Study Visa Fees51040,000
Accommodation9,800 to 11,100 per year8 lakh to 9 lakh per year
Health Insurance500 to 1,000 annually27,500 to 55,000
Food150 to 200 per month8,200 to 11,000 per month

Get the Best Experience of Studying Abroad in Germany

Germany offers numerous degree programs, from engineering and medicine to pharmacy and research. This European country is recognised globally for its top-notch study programs. With flexible and customisable options, international students can choose from a wide range of subjects and specialise in their area of interest.

The cost of living is affordable, with intelligent budgeting and lifestyle changes. Many international students hold part-time jobs, providing work experience and increasing future job prospects. Germany's rich cultural and historical heritage further enhances its appeal to international students.

FactorsAverage Cost (Euros)Average Cost (Rupees)
Tuition Fees3,000 per year2.5 lakh per year
Study Visa Fees756,300
Accommodation250 to 750 per month21,200 to 64,000 per month
Health Insurance105 to 111per month9,000 to 9,400 per month
Transportation30 to 90 per month2,500 to 7,600 per month
Food50 to 150 per month4,200 to 12,800 per month

Summing Up

Studying abroad comes with many challenges, from living away from family to the hefty amount required when you want to study overseas. Even if you get funding or a scholarship, miscellaneous expenses must be calculated before planning your journey to explore abroad. Azent can make your work much more accessible by determining a rough estimate of your expenses when considering studying abroad in your desired country.

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