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14th Jan 2024
Manisha Sharma

Exploring Unique Study Abroad Courses: Beyond the Conventional

Dive into unique study options abroad, from Baking to E-Government. Learn about offbeat courses in various countries and shape your unique career path.

When Indian students pursue higher education abroad, they generally apply for mainstream courses at reputed institutions. However, over the past few years, students have increasingly explored lesser-known courses to study abroad.

Thanks to growing awareness caused by social media and career counselling sessions, more and more students accept the risk of pursuing off-beat courses where their heart lies.

So, which are the lesser-known courses one can consider applying for? Let’s find out.

Lesser-known Courses for Studying Abroad

Before we delve into the list, it's important to point out that if students follow their passion instead of societal pressure to pursue conventional courses like engineering, law and medicine, they'll go far in life.

Some of these off-beat courses are as follows:

Baking and Pastry

Baking combines art and science and is a perfect course to study abroad for students with a strong inclination toward cooking and art. It’s an ideal option for someone who wants to make a career out of creating culinary art. Australia, New Zealand and France are popular destinations to study baking and pastry art.

In India, people are gradually opening up to the concept of experimenting. Moreover, baking is a good career option because baked items are consumed daily. There is no age limit or strict eligibility criteria required for baking, which is another of its advantages.


Oceanography is another off-beat course that will increase in popularity in the coming days. The rise of issues such as eroding coastlines, declining fisheries and climate change ensures that governments worldwide require the help of professionals associated with oceanography to formulate policies.

Another factor to consider is the rise of oceanographic research due to the discovery of sophisticated technology. Students who wish to study oceanography head to the United States of America (USA) for their overseas education.

Adventure Education

Adventure education involves learning from various adventure experiences such as excursions, outdoor sports, explorations and indoor activities. The physical skills that the student gets equipped with take them a long way in life.

After pursuing a degree in adventure education, students can take up teaching in a public or private school or an outdoor education centre. With increasing awareness, there will be more scope for adventure education shortly. There are reputed institutions in the USA, such as the University of New Hampshire and Radford University, where you can consider studying this subject.

Peace and Conflict Studies

A degree in this subject would help you understand the reasons for violent and non-violent behaviour. Students must dissect the reasons behind vandalising and other hurtful acts and analyse the structural mechanism of various social conflicts.

If you wish to study peace and conflict studies, then choose Europe as your overseas education destination, as many reputed institutions offer this course there.

Use the course filters at Azent to find the program you’re looking for. It’ll make your task easier.

Smart City Energy Studies

Students of this course will be taught the intricacies of developing sustainable cities. Local and central governments all over the world are focussing on the development of smart cities. Government officials need educated officials who know about smart city energy to guide them in decision-making.

If you can understand the economic, ethical and social frameworks for sustainable energy in our cities in the future, then you’ll be a much sought-after professional. Many universities across the USA and Europe offer this course.

If you need any kind of assistance during planning your overseas education, then please consult Azent, the best foreign education consultant in India.

E-Government Studies

The world is increasingly becoming digital, and online governance will play an even more important role than it already does in the future. From e-payments and digital transactions in online marketplaces to public administration, the online world is increasingly merging with the real world. What will you learn in this course? You’ll learn the technical and planning skills required for running an e-Government.

Certain European universities, especially Stockholm University, offer courses on e-Government studies you can pursue.

Urban Planning

Do you have a degree in architecture, geography, urban design or environmental planning? Are you thinking of pursuing another degree abroad? Then, you can consider courses on urban planning, which are in much demand by local governments.

You can consider travelling to Germany, as many institutions offer accredited and high-quality urban planning courses.


If you have a knack for photography, then consider seriously pursuing it. Singapore offers some of the best photography courses. It's better if you narrow your interest down. In other words, there are primarily three branches of photography you can choose from — press photography, fashion photography and wedding photography.

Fashion photography would require you to work for a fashion house, models or fashion designers. Wedding and press photography require you to click pictures of events or individuals. Analyse your interest and then choose a diploma or full-fledged Masters course.

Final Words

Summing up, students can choose from many options to study abroad. They don’t necessarily have to choose conventional courses if their heart lies elsewhere. If you’re a student confused about courses, then seek the help of experts at Azent.

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