18th Jul 2023
Manisha Sharma

Top Global Universities Accepting Low IELTS Scores

Do you wish to study abroad and explore diverse student life? If you are an aspirant, then you must know it requires an eligible IELTS score to get admission into foreign universities. The IELTS score determines the chances of students getting accepted and studying abroad. Basically, it is a test that assesses English language skills of applicants. The best overseas education destinations like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada are home to prestigious universities.

You must not worry about a low IELTS score, as many well-reputed universities accept students with these. The following article will guide you to international universities accepting low IELTS scores. Opt for these universities hosted by the top countries to study abroad and make the most of your dream.

United Kingdom

The U.K. is popular for its classic academic universities offering world-class education. It has some top student cities worldwide, like Manchester, Bristol, and Liverpool. These destinations are best to study abroad as they provide affordable and quality education. They also focus on research and academic excellence.

For any student, whether a foreigner or a native, studying at any UK university is one of the most rewarding opportunities. Many fear getting a low IELTS score would shatter their dream of studying internationally. But, you should know that most of the UK universities accept students with an IELTS score of 6.0 bands. Let us take a glance at some good UK universities where you can get admission with a low IELTS score.

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score Required
University of Bristol6.0 bands
University of Manchester6.0 bands
University of Liverpool6.0 bands
University of Glasgow6.0 bands
University of Birmingham6.0 bands
Lancaster University6.0 bands
United States

The U.S. has been amongst the most popular destinations to study abroad. It is known for offering various specialisation programmes in arts, commerce, and design. Thus, it is a hotspot for foreign students. Every university in the U.S. has made it compulsory for every student abroad to qualify for language proficiency tests such as IELTS. Most US universities still accept applications if you score between 5.5 bands and 6.0 bands in the IELTS exam. The following is the list of US universities accepting students with low IELTS scores.

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score Required
Southern Arkansas University5.5 bands
University of New Haven5.5 bands
Old Dominion University5.5 bands
North Dakota State University5.5 bands
Texas A & M University6.0 bands
Oklahoma City University6.0 bands

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Many students consider Australia for pursuing higher education. It is a prominent place if you are looking forward to studying master’s abroad. Also, students don't have to worry about the cost as this study abroad destination is affordable. It is also home to the top universities in the world. In Australia, the medium of communication is English. So, students coming to study overseas must have a good understanding of the language. Like other international countries, Australian universities also consider IELTS for admissions. Don't be concerned if your score is low. Below listed are some Australian universities where you may get admitted even with a low IELTS score.

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score Required
Australian Catholic University 6.0 bands
University of Southern Queensland6.0 bands
University of South Australia6.0 bands
University of Wollongong6.0 bands
Swinburne University of Technology6.0 bands
Victoria University6.0 bands

Canada is famous for its natural beauty and culture, as well as for offering top-of-the-line education facilities. Many students apply to various universities in Canada every year to make their path to a thriving career. Even if you fail to achieve a higher IELTS score, certain significant universities in Canada accept a low IELTS band score. Some of them are mentioned in the table below.

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score Required
Charles Sturt University 6.0 bands
University of Alberta 6.5 bands
Royal Roads University6.0 bands
Brock University6.5 bands
New Zealand

New Zealand is an emerging destination for students aspiring to study abroad. This country has become the favourite of expats after the global pandemic. Many students from different corners of the world come here and benefit from its top-grade education. IELTS is amongst the foremost requirements for any student wanting to get admission to any New Zealand college. Obtaining a higher band score is not necessary while applying for studying abroad in New Zealand. You can come across universities that accept a low IELTS score. Here are a few of them listed in the table.

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score Required
University of Canterbury6.0 bands
Lincoln University6.0 bands
Victoria University of Wellington6.0 bands
Auckland University of Technology6.0 bands
University of Waikato6.0 bands
Ideal IELTS Score

A score of 5.5 is deemed to be a modest level of English language proficiency. This IELTS score might also be accepted to get into a particular foreign university or for a study visa application. But that depends on the destination you are travelling to.

The minimum band score required for the IELTS exam differs for every country. It is best to check everything about the country and the university you are applying to. This will greatly help you determine all their specific requisites to apply for education abroad.

Summing Up If you are an aspiring student wanting to pursue bachelor's or master's courses overseas, then you can attend any good university overseas, even with a low IELTS test score. The above list is comprehensive, and you must check with the university before applying. Ensure you fulfil every necessary criterion. Contact well-reputed foreign education consultants like Azent for more information and receive the best study abroad counselling.

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