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6th Dec 2022

Job Opportunities in the UK for Indian Students

According to surveys conducted throughout the world, UK has ranked among the top countries to live and work. There are numerous job opportunities in different sectors. It was observed that during the pandemic also, UK welcomed freshers and provided them good jobs. You must consider working in UK as it provides a safe and secure environment.

It is predicted that coming future will witness around 100,000 job openings per month. Well, this is great news for you if you are planning to do job that can pay a handsome salary. Explore about some of the best jobs in different sectors. So what are you waiting for? Hop on with Azent that will guide you to get best job opportunities in the UK.

Job opportunities in the UK in different sectors

According to a 2018 survey it is stated that, 21 percent of workers in the UK were and 33 percent of workers from the Indian ethnic group were in professional jobs, whereas they were on the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups in this particular role. So there are lots of job opportunities available here in UK some of the jobs are listed below -

  1. Chief Executives and Senior Officials - £97,708
  2. Marketing and Sales Directors - £80,411
  3. Pilots and Flight Engineers - £78,570
  4. Legal Professionals - £74,701
  5. Medical Practitioners - £72,019
  6. Information Technology Directors - £69,409
  7. Financial Managers - £66,353
  8. Public Health Managers - £50,000
  9. Higher Education Teaching Professionals - £49,862
What is the current status of the UK economy in 2021?

The UK is ranked the position of 3rd among 45 European countries as the most liberal country. Although, UK retained its position in the ranks of the mostly free country, the economy of the United Kingdom has worsened a little ground this year due to the COVID pandemic. Even so there will be ample opportunities in various fields. The UK is predominantly one of the world's largest producing countries, especially in fields such as civil, pharmaceutical industries and military aerospace.

Looking upon the agricultural sector, it reports a GDP of about 0.6 %, which implies that the country meets 60 % of the food demand. And also the United Kingdom has substantial mineral resources as well.

UK was ranked as the 10th largest producer of oil in the world with enormous natural gas reserves, now its production is lowering rapidly. Even so, groups such as British Petroleum (BP) and Shell resume to be among the world’s head in the petroleum industry.

However, the industrial sector, which reports a GDP of about 17.4 % and engages 18% of the working population, is not very competitive, due to the low productivity. Some of the other major sectors that have an ample of opportunities are transport equipment, machine tools, and chemicals.

2020 was a hard phase for the UK’s secondary sector and the ongoing pandemic has affected almost all the fields. The greatest post pandemic challenge is to normalize the economic activities and get everything on the right track.

What are the Job opportunities in the UK after Bachelor's Studies?

If you are looking to study your undergraduate program in the United Kingdom, you are likely to get questions like what are your job opportunities available after you graduate. Fortunately, the listed below are some answers to the questions.

Job opportunities for Finance and Accountancy graduates in the UK -

  1. Business, HR and finance professionals (59%)
  2. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (7.4%)
  3. Clerical, secretarial and numerical clerks (15.8%)

Jobs opportunities for Business and Management graduates -

  1. Business, HR and finance professionals (24.5%)
  2. Managers (12%)
  3. Marketing, PR and sales professionals (20.8%)

Job opportunities for Fine Arts graduates in the UK:

  1. Arts, design and media professionals (27.7%)
  2. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (26.5%)

Job opportunities for Computer Science graduates in UK:

  1. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (8.6%)
  2. Information technology professionals (61.5%)
  3. Business, HR and finance professionals (5.6%)

Job opportunities for Civil Engineering graduates in UK

  1. Engineering and building professionals (72.6%)
  2. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (4.7%)
  3. Other professionals, associate professionals and technicians (5.3%)

Job opportunities for Design Graduates in UK

  1. Arts, design and media professionals (43.9%)
  2. Marketing, PR and sales professionals (9.5%)
  3. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (18%)

Job opportunities for Chemistry graduates in UK

  1. Science professionals (17.9%)
  2. Business, HR and finance professionals (13.3%)
  3. Other professionals, associate professionals and technicians (19.6%)

Job opportunities for Psychology graduates in UK

  1. Legal, social and welfare professionals (14%)
  2. Childcare, health and education occupations (16.2%)
  3. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (15.8%)

Job opportunities for Law graduates in UK
1.Clerical, secretarial and numerical clerks (12.3%)
2. Legal, social and welfare professionals (33.8%)
3. Retail, catering, waiting and bar staff (13.9%)

What are the Job opportunities in the UK after Master's Studies?

There are lots of opportunities available to international students who wish to stay and work in the UK after their master studies. If you are planning to stay in the UK after your studies, you are required to apply for a separate visa to your student visa.

  1. After completing your Masters, you generally have four months to begin looking for employment. Once you have a job offer, you can apply for a Tier 2 general visa that entitles you to live and work in the UK for up to five years. Your job will usually need to be a graduate-level position and provide a salary of at least £20,800 per year. Successful candidates on this path will be able to stay and work in the UK at any expertise skill level for a maximum duration of two years if they have successfully finished an undergraduate or master’s degree.
  2. The uncomplicated sectors to find a job here in the UK after your masters is the financial sector or consultancy – Based on the previous work experience and with the applicable degree from UK universities you will be able to get the job. If you are ready to look for a job beyond your core area, like Audit, Tax, IT there is a probability of finding a job in companies like Accenture, EY, KPMG.
What are the Job opportunities in the UK after Doctoral Studies?

After doctoral studies the students have the following opportunities -

  1. Clinical psychologists
  2. Biochemists
  3. Biomedical scientists
  4. Higher education teaching professionals
  5. Medical scientists
  6. University researchers
  7. Medical practitioners
  8. PhD graduates have a considerable number of opportunities other than teaching and education.

More than 29% of PhD graduates work in science and pharmaceuticals.
As well as the medical profession, research scientists can also expertize and focus in fields such as maths, life sciences, and physical sciences.

What are the Part-time job opportunities in the UK for students?

The tendency of international students looking up for part-time jobs in the UK during their studies has become a usual one. The main reasons why an international student chose for a part-time job are utilization of extra time to earn extra money, paying off education loan and also obtaining certain skills and work experience along with studies.

In the UK, full-time international students have the opportunity and flexibility to apply for part-time jobs while studying at a UK university or institution. You can work for 20 hours per week in their extra time. And also during the academic year breaks, you can work for up to a period of 40 hours per week.

Policy and Regulations for the part time job -

  1. Students who applied for full-time studies at universities or institutions are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  2. The student visa must be issued for full-time degree-level studies and it should be valid.
  3. Students who applied for programmes other than the degree programmes are allowed to work for a maximum of 10 hours per week.
  4. Students who applied for part-time courses are not allowed to work in the United Kingdom.
  5. Any student who is working on a part-time basis in the United Kingdom cannot be self-employed.

Types of part time jobs - There are two different types of part-time jobs option for international students in the UK. They are on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs.

  1. On-Campus Part Time Job is the most perfect job for an international student as they can work within the college campus in extra time and earn extra money. In the UK, students can apply for on-campus part-time jobs in different departments and sections.
  2. Most students are provided with a part job off-campus as it is almost easy to find. Students are provided with job roles such as delivery boy, bookstore helper, cashier, data entry operator, grocery store helper, call centre executive, waiters/waitresses in restaurants, swimming pool maintenance etc. The student must make sure to get permission from respective college authorities for the part time jobs.
What are the Stay-back in the UK & Work visa related details?

The UK has always been an alluring and lovely study destination for Indian students, but staying in the UK after you complete your course can be difficult.

  1. As for the recent growth and development, students who are to apply for courses starting 2020/21 can stay back for two years after completing the course.
  2. Currently, you need to apply for a Tier 2 visa (work visa) right away on finding a job after finishing studies.
  3. Your Tier 4 visa is valid only till the period of course duration.
  4. Previously, bachelor or master's degree holders could stay for only four months in the United Kingdom to look for a job.
  5. With the new rules and regulations, international students can stay for two years.
  6. This is an extension of visa rule changes that permitted PhDs to stay in the UK after graduation.

With various opportunities available in the UK, students can get the right platform to build their careers. The kind of manifestation one acquires in terms of meeting people from all over the world as well as connecting with educators and employers with varied experience, is something that can only be gained through stepping out of your comfort zone. The quality of education and the excellent employment opportunities makes one think out of the box. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today to study in the UK and let your future shine bright!

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