MBA vs MS in USA
11th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

MBA vs MS in USA: Guide to Top Universities, Scholarships & Career Paths

Explore our comprehensive guide on MBA vs MS in the USA, covering top universities, scholarship opportunities, career prospects, and expert advice for global students.

When it comes time to study abroad and make career plans, one of the most sought-after degrees or options to choose from, among students, after completing their undergraduate studies is the MBA vs MS. This is a matter of intense discussion, as selecting between these two is quite challenging.

The MBA and MS have different areas of concentration. The MBA primarily concentrates on management, business and leadership abilities, but the MS offers a broader range of specialisations, majorly in science and technology. MS paves the way for lifetime learning through research.

AspectMaster of Science (MS)Master of Business Administration (MBA)
FocusSpecialised in a specific field (e.g. engineering, sciences)General management and business administration
CurriculumTechnical and specialised courseworkBroad-based business courses with a managerial focus
Career FocusTypically leads to technical or research-oriented rolesPrepares for leadership, management and strategic positions
PrerequisitesOften requires a related undergraduate degreeMay accept various undergraduate backgrounds
Work ExperienceLess emphasis on prior work experienceOften requires professional work experience
DurationTypically, 1-2 yearsUsually 1-2 years, but some programs may offer part-time options or executive formats with longer durations
Admission CriteriaFocuses on academic performance, research interestsConsiders work experience, leadership and managerial skills
SpecialisationsOffers specific specialisations within the field of studyOffers various concentrations like finance, marketing and others
CostTuition fees vary depending on the University and type of programTuition tends to be higher, reflecting the prestige of the program and potential networking opportunities
Post-Graduate RolesResearch positions, specialised technical rolesManagement, consulting, entrepreneurship and leadership roles

Why choose MS in the USA as the study abroad option?

Research and Tech-oriented Programs

Universities in the United States of America typically adopt this approach, emphasising research above theory.

You may be searching for a research-based platform that will enable you to expand your horizon of knowledge in a more beneficial approach. You might be shocked to learn that the United States of America tops the list of winners of the Nobel Prize.

You may find space exploration, cutting-edge biotechnology, nuclear research, and more in US universities. It is also noteworthy that the universities in the USA conduct extraordinary research.

International Recognition

You will undoubtedly discover that your degree is recognised worldwide after attending one of the top institutions in the United States. This is merely because all employers are familiar with American universities.

It would help if you remembered that your certification will undoubtedly be retained above all else after completing a master's programme in the USA. This indicates that most students choose the United States as their primary study destination.

Why choose an MBA in the USA as the study abroad option?

Quality of education

The USA is known for offering top-notch education, and this reputation extends to MBA programmes. The United States' business schools are renowned for their demanding academic curricula and focus on hands-on, real-world learning. You may apply what you learn in the real world through case studies, practical experience and experiential learning opportunities in many MBA programmes.

Better Salaries

A Master of Business Administration degree from an esteemed American university can frequently translate into a good salary. Many factors, including industry, location and work experience, can influence salary potential. However, an MBA in the United States offers you a leg up on college placements, and you'll likely land a well-paying job.

Best Universities to do MS or MBA in the USA

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University
  • Cornell University

MBA vs MS in USA Scholarship Opportunities

The price difference between an MS and an MBA degree abroad is substantial. Therefore, students search for different scholarships in the USA. This is an alternative to lessen the financial load. You will have to face a cutthroat competition if you need scholarships as an overseas student, so apply as soon as possible to get the most out of it.

Azent Overseas Education will help you get the maximum benefits of your profile so that you can study abroad cost-effectively. Check out a few of the most renowned scholarships available to students from around the world to pursue an MS or MBA degree abroad:

  • The Chevening Scholarship
  • Pearson, Lester B. Scholarships Abroad
  • Inlaks Scholarship
  • GREAT Scholarship
  • STEM Women's Scholarships from the British Council
  • Felix Scholarship
  • Scholarships from Tata
  • Stanford Dhirubhai Fellowship by Reliance
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Global Study Awards

Final words

Professionals and job seekers frequently enrol in graduate school to compete with other job searchers in a competitive job market or to refine their resumes for a present position. Programmes leading to master's and MBA degrees provide appealing alternatives, such as distance learning and part-time degrees.

The final choice is up to you. What do you seek from your life, job, and career? Azent Overseas Education will be there at every step of your journey to study abroad. All you have to do is decide where you orient better in these two master's degrees mentioned in the blog and leave everything on Azent for the rest of the journey towards your study abroad dream.

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