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6th Dec 2022

MS in Information Technology from the US

Get an ms in information technology in USA. Chat with us to better understand your chances of getting into a top program and for application tips.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) is considered as the use of any computer, networking, storage, and other physical devices for storing, retrieving, and also sending information. It is the infrastructure and process to create, process, store, secure and exchange varied forms of electronic data. Usually, IT is used for the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. The commercial use of IT incorporates both computer technology and telephony.

The Harvard Business Revie coined the term information technology. Information technology made a distinction between purpose-built machines which are designed to perform a limited scope of functions and general-purpose computing machines that can be programmed for various tasks.

Which is better between computer science or information technology?

An IT career comprises installing, organizing and maintaining computer systems. It also involves designing and operating computer networks and databases. Computer science is focused completely on efficiently programming computers with the help of mathematical algorithms.

IT professionals work in a business environment where they install internal networks and computer systems. Computer scientists typically work in a wider range of environments which can range from businesses, and universities to video game design companies. Both these careers have excellent growth potential and high salaries.

A Career in Computer Science

A computer science degree provides students a meticulous education in discrete mathematics and computer science theories. Most CS graduates tend to become software developers or web programmers. Those who wish to pursue graduate-level schooling usually have the chance to do research or work in more specialized roles which include advanced artificial intelligence programming.

A four-year computer science degree can help students find job opportunities as software engineers, programmers, or IT professionals. A computer science education prepares students to choose the correct design patterns, algorithms, and data structures for programs. But it has been seen that most of the students graduate knowing only one or two programming languages which include C++, Python or Java.

For the majority of corporate programming jobs, C++ alone may suffice the need. A professional software developer should also know several other languages which include HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Java.

Software developer jobs are now projected to grow 22 percent over the next 10 years, which is considered well above average. In the year 2012, the median annual salary of a developer was $93,350, with the highest-earning 10 percent making up to least $138,880.

Working in Information Technology

With a two- or four-year IT degree, students can now find work in many occupations like information security, network architecture, systems administration, database administration, and computer support. Some of these jobs also require advanced computer science and programming knowledge, so graduates must enroll themselves in specialized programs or opt for elective courses.

For example, information security requires knowledge of math and algorithms, and database administration requires in-depth knowledge of programming. Also, information security analysts usually have certifications like ISC or CISSP.

In general, IT professionals need to stay updated with new technology. They must be acquainted with operating systems and server software like Linux, OpenSSL, Apache, Windows Server, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Over the next ten years, IT jobs are expected to increase 15 to 37 percent. The salaries usually range from $48,900 to $91,000, depending on experience and level of education.

While IT and CS degrees lead to a similar type of jobs, the differences between the two job profiles are quite distinctive. IT professionals are required to install computer systems, with the help of software and maintain networks and databases. Computer scientists enjoy mathematics and software design. The relationship between information technology and computer science is close and interdependent.

To sum it up, computer scientists design and develop computer programs, software, and varied applications. The IT professionals then use and troubleshoot those programs, software, and applications. These professionals all work together to ensure that hardware, software, and user interface (UI) work together seamlessly so that computers can carry out the tasks businesses and individuals require.

Which IT technology is most in demand in the future?

Machine learning is one of the most innovative and exciting fields paving its way into the future and is one of the most profitable skills you can learn. From Siri, Alexa, chatbots, predictive analysis to self-driving cars, an array of uses are for this futuristic technology.

With the increase in demand for machine learning, people who have begun taking online courses in this domain already have an advantage over others in the competitive market. According to a survey, 61% of organizations focus on the fact that Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence will be their top data initiatives in 2018 and 2019.

Machine learning can be applied to every industry, including healthcare, education, finance, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you can apply your machine learning skills to a role that suits your personality and interests.

Do you need a degree to be an IT specialist?

A bachelor’s degree may be the typical level of education required to become an IT specialist. Some employers also prefer to hire applicants who have earned master’s degrees in computer science, information technology or other relevant areas. Sometimes, Independent study and research in computer science, as well as a thesis, may also be required. Also, certifications in certain language platforms and server operating systems can be an additional requirement for many of the companies.

What is the highest paying job in information technology?

The highest paying job in information technology is that of a Software engineering manager with a yearly pay of $163,500(approx.)

A software engineering manager will lead a team entrusted with responsibilities like developing, researching, and testing a company’s software. This is a significant role in any company building or maintaining software. The team is largely responsible for providing maintenance on any software products that is malfunctioning, and they may also develop new software. Apart from the job of a software engineering manager, other high paying jobs are of a Data warehouse architect: $154,800 and Software development manager: $153,300

Which country is the best in information technology?

Based on the countries that have companies with big revenue and market cap, as of 2018, the country with the largest companies is the United States. Some of the reputed companies here include- Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Intel and HP.

The United States is considered as one of the fastest growing technological countries in the world. This country is known for developing one of the finest intelligence systems in the world and the credit goes to its technological equipment. The country also advancement in space technology as the first person to land on the moon was an American.

Which universities in the USA are best for IT?

The list of universities are as follows -

What degree is best for information technology?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a master’s in information technology that includes topics such as -

  • software and computation for simulation,
  • computer modeling,
  • transportation networks,
  • computational methods for flow in porous media,
  • computational geometry.

Admission requires incoming students to fill out the application form and submit it online. The university also requires GRE scores and a minimum IELTS score of seven for individuals who speak English as a second language. A student must complete 36 units in the core subjects, 12 units in unrestricted electives, 24 units in the restricted electives, and a thesis (36 units).

Which field is the best in information technology?

IT consultant - The position ranks number 13 on CNN’s most recent best jobs in America list. From local startups to the Fortune 500 companies, almost every organization needs an IT consultant to help them figure out an efficient way to run a system better.

Education - A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology is very important to be an IT consultant. CNN also recommends that an IT consultant should specialize in a niche category and focus on the kind of experience he or she gets.

According to CNN, the salary of an IT consultant is approximately $96,400.

Why do a master’s in Information Technology?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology roles is predicted to increase by 12 percent from 2014 to 2024. This is pretty much faster than the average rate of growth for all occupations. That translates to about 488,500 new jobs, bringing the total number of IT jobs to 4.4 million.

This is great news for you, and your career! Having a master’s in information technology makes you a prime candidate for these positions, giving you a valuable competitive edge over others in the market.

For information technology candidates having some work experience, a master’s degree always comes with the promise of advancement. It can pave the way to jobs in management or senior-level technical jobs as well as consulting positions. Students who have already worked in the field have the advantage of knowing exactly what they want and where they hope to go. For them, a master’s degree is the key to securing a job they want in a field they love, which ultimately makes their career more enjoyable.

Of course, salary is among the top reasons why people of all backgrounds invest in a master’s in information technology. The data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Iin IT field, people with a master’s degree earn more than people with a bachelor’s degree. In this case, then, a graduate degree is a worthwhile investment in your future.

How long does it take to get a masters degree in information technology?

On average, an ms in information technology in the USA can take anywhere from one to two years to complete. However, its actual duration varies based on school requirements, classroom type, or topic specialization.

How much do MS programs in IT cost?

The fees for MS program range from 25,000 USD/year

What does an IT person do?

The role of an information technology person can be broken down into two fields:

  • Network Systems Administration and IT support
  • Programming and software development

Network Systems Administration and IT support

Networkers are regarded as problem solvers and critical thinkers. They are the people who are responsible for keeping the computer networks up to date and run smoothly. Network system administrators offer endless service for organizations which include user support, troubleshooting, installation, upgradation and configuration of operating systems and network devices.

As companies are investing more in the latest technological advancements and mobile networks, there is a constant demand for network systems administrators and IT support people.

Programming and software development

A career in programming and software development comprises of responsibilities like how to write code, support websites, applications, and other digital platforms. It also includes the planning, management and also implementation of software across computer systems.

Programmers build software from the start where they write the code, support websites, applications, and other digital platforms. Programmers and software developers need to have an eye for detail, creativity and knack for design to be a part of this job.

What jobs can you get with a masters in information technology?

Some of the jobs that you can get with a masters in information technology are as follows-

• Software applications developer • Computer systems analyst • Database administrator • Management analyst • Video Game Designer • Cloud Architect • IT Management Consultant • Mobile application developer • Software engineer

How do I become an IT specialist?

A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field is the most common requirement for becoming an IT specialist. Good fields of study include information technology, computer science, and computer information systems. If you can’t afford to attend a four-year university program, many vocational schools and technical colleges offer information technology training.

Some employers prefer to select applicants who have earned master’s degrees in computer science or related areas. Also, master’s degrees will create more opportunities for individuals who wish to seek career advancement or higher positions in the field.

How do I become an IT support technician?

Some employers prefer hiring candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or computer technology.

Entry Requirements -

To become an IT support technician, you must have in-depth knowledge of computer systems. Some of the courses you can pursue to gain the relevant knowledge include:

• Level 1 Certificate in PC Maintenance

• Level 2 Certificate or Diploma in ICT Systems Support

• Level 2 Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles

• Level 2 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence

Important Skills and Abilities -

Alternatively, you could complete an information and communication technology apprenticeship scheme available in your local area.

To be a qualified IT support technician you should have:

  • A detailed understanding of operating systems, networks and computer firmware
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A systematic approach to situations
  • Good practical and technical skills
  • Good communication and customer service skills
  • Interest in information technology
  • Training and Development

Many IT support technicians start working as trainee technicians. After receiving on-the-job training, you can pursue the following courses to enhance your competence.

• Level 3 Diploma in ICT Systems Support • Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles • Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in ICT Professional Competence.

There are also several relevant certifications, which you can pursue to demonstrate to your employer that you are ready for a promotion. The certifications include -

• CompTIA A+ Certificate

• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

• Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)

• Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

What education is needed to become an IT manager?

Apart from technical experience, IT managers are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in IT. A well-rounded major such as computer science, information technology or management information systems is always preferred.

Although a bachelor’s degree is sufficient when combined with extensive field experience, most of the hiring managers prefer IT management candidates having a graduate degree. A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a technology background is the ideal program for IT managers.

The MBA curriculum comprises the business and managerial skills necessary to succeed in a leadership role. Whereas, IT focus teaches managers on how to apply this knowledge in the technology workplace. Most of the MBA programs include projects where students put their hard-earned skills to the test in a business project to be judged by professors or practitioners in their respective fields.

The marketable skills to look for in an IT management education program include project management, professional development, IT strategy, team leadership, corporate decision-making, database & network management, research & analysis methodology, managerial finance, and excellent oral, written & non-verbal communication skills.

With the recent technological advancements in online learning platforms, the curriculum in IT manager training programs works better than ever before in the distance learning format.

How many years does it take to become an IT manager?

If you know you want to end up working as an IT manager, earning a master’s degree or MBA can increase the job opportunities available to you. Before you become a manager, you’ll need at least five years of work experience in addition to your degree.

What is the salary of an IT manager?

The base salary for Information Technology Manager ranges from $106,812 to$131,370 with the average base salary of $119,301.

How much can one make with a masters in information technology?

With a master’s degree, you can earn these types of salaries for the following job roles:

• Software engineer - $87,200 • Senior database administrator - $84,400 • Project manager, IT - $78,800 • IT manager - $78,700 • Senior programmer analyst - $92,300 • Senior systems engineer - $84,800 • Senior QA engineer - $83,600

How much does an IT person make a year?

An Information Technology Specialist earns an average salary of $53,741 per year. A skill in Project Management is associated with high pay for this job. Experience has a nominal effect on income for this job.

How much does an IT technician get paid?

An IT technician gets paid $36,590 per year.

How much do entry-level IT jobs pay?

Entry level IT developer salary- $57,909/yr

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