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5th Dec 2022

MBA in Germany: Factors You Should Consider

Germany is the world's 5th most-popular study destination, with 22% of MBA applicants open to studying there. Do you wish to study MBA in Germany know the pros and cons? Learn more about the possibilities in Germany as our experts guide you on why and how to get your MBA from Germany.

Germany has ranked high on students’ list of sought-after destinations for higher education in terms of technical and scientific programs. Their decision to study in Germany is justified for a number of reasons. Not only is Germany well known for its successful industries, but its economy is flourishing. The education system is great and the technical skills that students can learn at German universities are outstanding. To add to Germany’s appeal, the job market looks good. Despite all of these attractive features, when it comes to an MBA, very few students consider Germany as an option.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an MBA in Germany -

#1 PhDs Preferred

The MBA is primarily an American degree and unfortunately, several German companies still value a PhD over an MBA. However, this trend is changing and companies are starting to appreciate the value this degree provides.

#2 Top-notch Education

Germany has some of the best schools in the world, and any student would benefit from their intensive programs that intensifies the values of discipline, clarity and social responsibility that many students possess.

#3 Not All Universities Have Good MBA Programs

Not all German universities offer quality MBAs, so it is important to do your research on the program curriculum and prospects of each university.

#4 The German Edge

An MBA from a German university would expose you to the German corporate world and introduce you to their global network. This would open up a lot of avenues for you, if you hope to work in a sector dominated by German companies. This also creates opportunities for you to work with German multinational corporations in your home country.

#5 Not Highly Ranked

Although some German universities have great MBA programs with excellent teaching, these programs are not ranked highly as they are still quite new. If ranking is your top priority, an MBA in Germany is probably not for you.

#6 Great Placements

Some of the best German universities for MBA programs have a great record of their students being placed at great companies.

#7 Affordable, High Quality Education

The MBA programs offered at German universities are a lot cheaper than those offered by many other countries, which make these degrees a good investment for your future.

#8 English Instruction

Most MBA programs offered at German universities are taught in English.

#9 Post-graduation Work Option and High Chances of Permanent Residency

As is the case with any program in Germany, students have one and a half years to apply for a job after completing their MBA. The PR process in the country is simple and it shouldn’t be too hard to get your PR.

#10 Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Germany is relatively low in comparison with other European countries.

#11 High Chances of Scholarship

The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) is one of the largest scholarship organizations in the world.

The chances of securing a scholarship to study in Germany are quite high when compared to your chances of getting one in another country.

#12 Rates High on the Livability Scale

Germany is quite safe and is a great place to live in.

To conclude, with 3 disadvantages and 9 benefits, pursuing an MBA in Germany is definitely a good option to consider. Positive work environments, comfortable living conditions that promise financial and physical security are reasons why Germany is a great country to live in.

A German MBA can greatly enhance your prospects if you wish to live in this country. If you don’t wish to live in this country, an MBA from this country should still open up options for you in other countries.

So go ahead and begin looking into prospective MBA programs in Germany. Good luck!

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