Top 5 Student Cities 2024
20th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

Top 5 Student Cities 2024: London, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Zurich | Azent Overseas Education

Explore the best study abroad destinations in 2024! London, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Zurich offer top-notch education, cultural experiences, and Azent Overseas Education support for your dream. Start your study abroad journey today!

QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Notably, QS is a British company specialising in education and study abroad. The QS World University Rankings are widely regarded as one of the most influential university rankings globally. Students who want to study overseas always look for the QS ranking of educational institutes as it gives them a vivid idea of the opportunities and benefits they might get in their dream university.

Top 5 Student Cities (QS University Ranking 2024)

RankCityCountryOverall ScoreAcademic ReputationEmployer ReputationStudent MixQuality of Living
1LondonUnited Kingdom100.099.8100.089.378.7





London study abroad programmes are always popular with the public. The London education system is renowned for its life-changing potential. The city is also famous for the top mechatronics engineering universities in the world. It will be one of the top student cities in 2024 due to its proximity to highly regarded universities such as the University of London and London College.

It sets the bar regarding curriculum and delivers essential life goals for students. London is always very competitive in terms of getting an offer letter from its premium institution, but you don't have to worry as Azent Overseas Education will help you in each and every step of your study overseas dream.

This beautiful destination attracts students from all over the world who are looking for the best place to study abroad due to its reputation for academic, artistic, and multicultural experiences.


Welcome to the romantic, love-filled, and never-ending learning city. Paris is well-known for being amongst the top choices for study abroad destinations and the most outstanding student city. It's not only about the Eiffel Tower and Chanel; those things are also fantastic, but the quality of education in Paris makes it the most loved study abroad destination.

Azent Overseas Education has helped thousands of students make their dream of studying abroad come alive. If you want to start your study abroad journey in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris, then Azent Overseas Education is the right choice.


Sydney is a unique Australian city that offers much more than just kangaroos and surfboards. It's well-known for the University of Sydney's top-notch curriculum and gorgeous coastal views. You can learn about fascinating historical locations, local people, and prehistoric cultures in this beautiful city. If you are planning to initiate your study abroad journey in Sydney, then Azent can be your helping hand in fulfilling your study abroad dream.

Sydney will keep you all focused and organised on your job, whether meeting at neighbourhood cafés or finding a fun study space. Prepare to have the time of your life in Australia by selecting the subject you want to study and collaborating with experts in the field of your choice.


Imagine yourself as a student at Humboldt University during the day, touring the city's well-known clubs at night, and viewing street art in the afternoon. That is indeed Berlin! Not only can you take in the bustle of the city, but you may also receive top-notch education at outstanding institutions.

Berlin offers you a variety of international viewpoints on how to approach difficulties in the real world. The cost of living in this city is affordable compared to other European cities, so keep an eye on it.


There is nothing to omit while discussing Zurich. The city has everything, including exquisite churches, timepieces, chocolates from Switzerland, and breathtaking lake views. The city provides top-notch educational programmes through its most prominent institution, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The educational institutions possess top-notch facilities and active learning-based techniques. Furthermore, Switzerland offers excellent career prospects due to its high income and low unemployment rate.


Known as the "Athens of America," Boston is a top student city and the location of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. This city is where learning meets limitless experiences. Boston is a desirable study location with some of the world's most significant academic institutions.

It offers excellent career chances to students in various sectors and provides cutting-edge research opportunities. The large tube system in the city makes it easy to tour the most well-known Freedom Trail.

Final Word

London's top universities allow it to hold the top spot for a record five times. Outstanding employment chances and stellar student reviews are the two major factors that have helped London secure the title for a seventh time. Students who want to study abroad look for various parameters when choosing their dream country. The quality of life, job opportunities, education curriculum, and safety and security in the country they are opting to study abroad are some pointers many students look for when choosing their dream university.

Azent Overseas Education has helped many students in their success stories to achieve their dream of studying overseas. Azent Overseas Education has a team of dedicated and experienced education consultants who can help you to segregate the best university that suits your profile.

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