Part-Time Job Ideas for Students Studying Abroad
9th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

Top 8 Part-Time Job Ideas for Students Studying Abroad - Earn & Learn

Discover the best part-time job opportunities for international students. From on-campus roles to freelancing, tutoring, and more - balance work and studies effectively!

While studying abroad can be expensive, there might be times when you need some extra cash. And, it’s not always possible to ask your parents for some urgent additional cash you need to attend an excursion or a concert.

Expats are increasingly taking up part-time work while studying in foreign universities. The top eight side-income ideas you can consider are detailed below.

Side-income Opportunities You Can Consider While Studying Abroad

Before you take up a side-income opportunity while studying abroad, don’t forget that foreign countries may have different rules for allowing international students to work on their soil. Gather all the information you can get along with work permits and other documents.

Generally, international students with student visas can work for 20 hours only on a part-time basis in a week. However, they can work for more hours during term breaks and holidays.

Here’s a list of the part-time income opportunities you can consider:

  1. On-campus Work-study Programme

Many foreign universities have career support/work-study offices where you can get information on various part-time opportunities. There’s an important benefit to getting into one of these programmes. On-campus work-study programmes are created to suit the lifestyle of a student. So, it won’t affect your academic schedule in any way.

Examples of on-campus opportunities include working in the library, cafeteria, and mailroom. You can also work as a teaching or administrative assistant or researcher.

  1. Freelance Opportunities

Did you know that freelancing has become full-time employment for many people across the world? Some of the much sought-after skills in freelancing include copywriting, graphic designing, content editing, data entry, and SEO. There are many online portals dedicated to freelancers. It's beneficial for students who are looking for a freelancing job.

  1. Become a Tutor

You can guide or teach other students in your field of study. This will not just help you earn money, but also let you practice the knowledge. You might know more about certain subjects than your peers or juniors.

Make inquiries about whether there are any tutoring schemes at your university. Moreover, don’t lose the opportunity if your juniors come to you for help. There are many online tutoring portals as well, which you can consider. It’s a good way to make money from your existing knowledge.

If you need help while choosing and applying to a course at a foreign university, then you can seek the help of Azent, the best foreign education consultant in India.

  1. Get a Babysitting Job

Babysitting is one of the quickest ways to earn some cash. Working parents are always in need of someone to look after their young children, especially during the weekends. In many countries, babysitting has become a trend these days.

Notably, you’ll be required to look after the child until bedtime.

  1. Try Dog Walking

If you’re looking for part-time work while studying abroad, then you can try your hand at dog walking. If you're a dog lover, then dog walking is a good option. While it may not give you as much money as babysitting, it's a good excuse to walk around and explore the city.

Have you considered putting up your details on the local job board? Post your services on the local community's Facebook page as well.

  1. Take Up a Fitness Instructor's Role

If you’re into yoga or hit the gym regularly, then you can consider taking up a part-time job. As a fitness instructor, apart from helping you earn some extra bucks, it'll keep you mentally, emotionally, and physically fit.

Maintaining one’s fitness often becomes quite difficult while studying abroad because students have to focus on adapting to a new culture and academic routine. Culturally adapting to a new country may be tough, but taking up a part-time job will help you understand the culture better. Check whether there are any yoga classes or gyms near your university or accommodation and whether they hire part-time instructors.

  1. Take Up Local Part-time Jobs

You can consider working as a receptionist, sales assistant, food runner or catering assistant in the city where you're located. These opportunities take you out of your comfort zone and help you develop interpersonal skills. Work on your communication and social skills before taking up a local part-time job. Try to build a network and get going. You’ll learn a lot while working and studying abroad.

Looking for part-time jobs in the UK? Read this blog, which will provide you with every detail you need.

  1. Sell Off Your Unwanted Stuff

Do you have some old books you can sell off or unused stuff that you know others will fancy? You can make quick money by selling your old stuff through online auction sites like Amazon and eBay.

Selling off old books to students who can’t afford new books would be helpful both ways. Some people would always prefer to save money by purchasing second-hand books.

Final Words

If you decide to work while studying abroad, then ensure it doesn’t interfere with your academics. Otherwise, the purpose of your overseas education will be defeated entirely. It might be difficult because you’ll also have to attend social gatherings. But, there are advantages to studying and working at the same time. It’ll teach you how to manage your time well and successfully navigate foreign cultures.

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