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20th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

Unlocking Student Support: A Guide to UK University Services

Navigate academic challenges, disabilities, finances, and international student life with comprehensive support services at UK universities. Azent Overseas Education guides your study abroad journey.

Having a lot on your plate can make being a student a little difficult. Although this phase is the most beautiful time of one’s life, it also has its challenges. Many support solutions are available if you need help managing everything. In this blog, we'll discuss university student support services, including what they are, how to use them, and what problems they may solve.

Services for Academic Support

It can be challenging to handle the higher standards between college and school. There is a 180-degree transition from school to college life, and many students may need help adapting to the new curriculum.

Universities provide students with various opportunities to help them improve their academic performance and abilities. Your institution and subject department need to deliver resources like:

  • Individual mentoring academic counsellor
  • Hours of the staff office
  • Writing sessions for educational purposes
  • Courses for an independent study of intellectual abilities, such as note-taking, editing, and organising
  • Support for mental health, including therapy and counselling

Services for Supporting People with Disabilities

Disability services are available at every university to assist students in obtaining the accommodations they require to succeed in their studies. These days, universities and colleges have an inclusive environment in their institutions to promote growth.

If you have a particular disability, then you must contact the university and present proof of your condition, typically a medical letter. After that, they'll collaborate with you to create a personalised plan outlining your specific assistance. You can receive a wide range of help; the following are some of the most typical accommodations:

  • Priority registration for courses
  • Take notes or make copies of your notes
  • Longer exam periods
  • Using laptops for examinations and tests
  • Using calculators during examinations and tests
  • Authorisation to record lectures on audio
  • A lighter workload for courses
  • Access to assistive technology for hard-of-hearing pupils, including text-to-speech, audiobooks, and microphones

Services for Financial Support

Attending university is expensive, particularly if you've relocated to a big city like London with high living expenses. Fortunately, support services are provided by universities to students who are having difficulty managing their finances or paying for necessary study materials.

This usually includes funding opportunities such as grants, scholarships, and programmes that let you borrow study material or get free access to necessities. Many also provide mentoring programmes and support groups to teach you improved money management and budgeting techniques.

Further, several grants are available, including the government's Disabled Student Allowance.

Azent Overseas Education has a successful history of mentoring thousands of students to fulfil their study-abroad dreams. Azent has a dedicated team of professional education consultants who can assist you in selecting the best university by evaluating your profile to amplify your chances of getting a grant or scholarship.

International Student Support

Every university has an office dedicated to overseas students. The special team can assist with immigration, job, financial literacy, academic, and personal concerns. This department may also organise activities and events for international students. This international office will have a different page or website detailing its services and contact information.

Social Groups and Student Unions

A students' union is autonomous of the university and, in most circumstances, associated with the National Union of Students (NUS). Its primary goal is to represent the interests of all students at the local and national levels.

Current and previous student volunteers run it, and its officers can assist you if you face discrimination or require assistance. They will typically have officials specialised in LBGTQ+, interfaith, and international students.

The student unions also help students to get accommodation and part-time jobs. The student union is an excellent way to gather information, support, and participate in campus events. Joining student societies can provide a sense of belonging and support outside academics.


The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) manages a student ambassador programme, operates a helpline, and advocates with the government on matters impacting international students. As international students themselves, these students' roles include working with UKCISA to develop training programmes for colleges and other institutions so they can keep improving the way they assist international students.

If you need assistance with government guidelines and laws, like modifications to visa requirements, UKCISA can be of great help.

The British Council

The British Council's Study UK website provides useful information and analysis for overseas students interested in studying in the U.K. It can provide information on available scholarships, assist you in understanding the application procedure for U.K. universities, and point you in the direction of authorised agents in your home country who can help you with the application process.

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Final Word

While studying overseas is an incredible experience, there may be difficulties and learning curves, as with everything new. After all, you travel far from home and discover a completely new country with its traditions and customs. It's common to find certain aspects of studying overseas challenging.

While everything may not be enjoyable, assistance is always available whenever you need it. To help students smooth out their study abroad process, Azent Overseas Education is there.

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