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by Vinamra S

Australia is the third most preferred study abroad destination by international students across the globe. The land of Kangaroos offers students world-class learning exposure, research opportunities and jobs. A significant portion of studying abroad can be easily managed by managing one&amp#39;s finance and finding part-times to support oneself. Australia has several part-time job opportunities for students. The Australian student visa supports international students working in Australia to manage their living expenses. Students can work up to 40 hours in a fortnight during semesters and unlimited time during semester breaks. There are excellent part-time jobs in Australia that are skilled as well as unskilled. The typical wage for each occupation varies depending on the job&amp#39;s location, demand, and type. In Australia, the minimum wage is roughly 20 AUD. Below are further details on the many kinds of part-time occupations, the minimum salary, eligibility, etc.


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