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Azent Compass

Kickstart your study abroad journey with Azent Compass, our one-stop shop for all your study abroad needs! Sign up and get access to all Azent Services in one place!

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IELTS Coaching

Leverage Azent’s Centres to hone your English skills and ace your IELTS test. With our online and offline coaching options, IELTS coaching has never been easier!

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Expense Calculator

Estimate the overall cost of your education abroad with Azent’s Expense Calculator and take the first step towards funding your overseas journey!

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Course Finder

Use Azent’s Course Finder to search for the perfect course for you. Be spoilt for the choice with over 100,000+ courses offered by 1200+ universities from across the globe!

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Spot Counselling

With Azent’s Virtual counseling you can connect with expert counselors, get your profile reviewed, receive university recommendations, and a lot more from the comfort of your home!