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I am passionate about suggesting the best school that fits the needs of my students as per their Career Prospects. I have seen so many happy students settle abroad and do well in their post-higher studies abroad careers. With a career that is 15 years long, I have proudly helped 2000 students achieve their dream of studying abroad in countries like - the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany.


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Pranav Purohit

MSc Finance ,

Trinity College Dublin

Handling the application process and working full time was challenging, and Azent helped me ease that burden. I was fortunate enough to secure admission to Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, for MSc Financial Risk Management and Cranfield School of Management, the UK, for MSc Finance. This year, things were a little different than usual. Azent was there, keeping me informed about the latest developments and my further steps. One of the essential parts of any application process is drafting the SOPs and LOR, as this allows us to present our case to the university, corroborating the reasons as to why we should get admission as compared to any other applicant. These documents have to be drafted diligently but should be realistic at the same time. The editors at Azent were utterly professional and diligent in their approach and, at the same time, were active in suggesting/making any changes in the draft essays provided to them. Further, the team at Azent saw to it that my profile was presented in the best possible manner to the university. Post getting the admit the most crucial step is getting a visa. When one is applying for a visa, there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety that one may witness. At such times one needs an experienced hand to guide through the tumultuous times. The team at Azent was pinpoint in helping me source and present all of the needed documents for my visa, and they duly informed anything that needed to be highlighted. Further, I get a lot of questions about the idle composition of funding tuition fees and living expenses. I would suggest that one should go for a balance between an education loan and own funds. Further, one should keep the same level of diligence while preparing their visa file as they did while preparing their application.


At Azent, we have a strong commitment to education and career development. We are passionate about bringing global education to the doorsteps of students all over India.


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