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1st Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

Top rumors about admissions that you should disregard

Are you gearing up for college admissions? You would more than agree that it is a very stressful and tedious process. And with free advice bombarding you from everywhere, it hasn’t made your life any easier. Spend ten minutes reading this post and know the most popular myths regarding college admissions. Get real!

Rumors and Facts about Admissions

Only test score (GRE/GMAT/SAT) scores matter

No doubt high scores give you a definite edge but there are other aspects that comprises a winning college application.Imagine yourself among 20 students having similar scores. Here, an extraordinary personal statement can do the trick and make you stand out. So focus on a well rounded application rather than stressing only on topping the exam.

Asking for financial aid is a blunder

With increasing costs and reducing budgets of colleges, “financial aid” is what worries you most. Do not hesitate asking about various scholarships on offer in your interview. Also do not assume that Yale,Harvard,Princeton are way too expensive for you to apply. Try,try and try.

The more the merrier

We often hear that having involved in lots of extra curricular activities is a big plus in admissions. No this is not the case. Instead of pursuing ten different activities just for the sake of it,demonstrate your passion for a couple of them. If you are interested in science, try representing your school in a science olympiad. This will surely speak volumes about you passion and leadership qualities.

Your socioeconomic status

Great connections and wealth do not make you the perfect “fit” for a college. In fact colleges encourage students who do not come from a well off family by giving them financial aid. They in any way are not undeserving of a seat in any prestigious college.

It is untrue that colleges which are tough to get in are the best. Carefully analyze all your choices and don’t let rejections from top universities dishearten you. And a last word make sure your Facebook page does not have a post that your mother would not be proud of!

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