12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

15 Most Affordable Colleges for International Students

Studying abroad is a dream for nearly half of the students worldwide and It’s more luck when some universities offer applications free of cost. And some universities have become a godsend by removing application fees.

Studying abroad does demand exponential stability of education as well as finances.

With the current pandemic trend and the status of the world economy, students are perplexed about managing the requirements to study abroad. Thousands and lakhs of students only imagine studying abroad because the tuition and living fees are expensive,  however, pursuing education abroad isn’t cheap, some countries worldwide have affordable colleges for you to study in!

Free University of Berlin

In 1948, students and professors in Berlin founded the Free University. The effort to start an affordable college was well received by the general public and received a lot of financial aid. The university currently includes 12 academic departments, 4 central multi-disciplinary institutes, and 1 medical school that was amalgamated with the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Location: Berlin

Tuition Cost: Free

Popular Subjects: North American Studies

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University takes advantage of its faculty members' intellectual curiosity and strong research networks to tackle challenging scientific problems and disseminate cutting-edge information. It is an affordable college because there are no tuition costs. However, a student body and social contribution fee apply to all students.

Location: Aachen, Germany

Tuition Cost: ~260 euros (~290 USD)

Popular Subjects: Architecture, georesources, and materials engineering

Nord University

With an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, welfare, health, and education, as well as blue and green growth, Nord University is dedicated to providing pertinent educational programmes and research. Moreover, it is an affordable college focusing on education and student welfare.

Location: ‎Bodø, Norway 

Tuition Cost: ~725 Euros (~800 USD) per semester

Popular Subjects: Circumpolar Studies, 3D art, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English

Minot State University

Minot State is the third most affordable college in the USA and offers a lot. Although it feels more like a smaller campus, some of the nation's finest minds teach there. In addition, there is a rather wide range of variety given that 17% of the students are from other countries. 

Location: North Dakota, USA

Tuition fee: 6,809 USD

Popular Subjects: Information Systems, Science, Social Work, Education, Finance, and Criminal Justice

Heidelberg University

Germany's first university, founded in 1836, is an open research institution called Heidelberg University. The oldest university in Germany and among the oldest still in operation is Heidelberg. Heidelberg doesn't charge students tuition like all other public universities in Germany, making it an affordable college.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Tuition fee: Undergraduate: 328 USD /year, Graduate tuition: 1,000 USD / year

Popular Subjects: Economics, American Studies, and International Health

Polytechnic Institute of Milan

Politecnico di Milano is located in Milan. Being an affordable college, it has constantly been listed among the top 20 technical universities in the world. Additionally, it ranks among Europe's top 10 technical universities. To produce high-quality results, the institution blends technological research with commercial systems.

Location: Milan, Italy

Tuition Fee: Bachelor's degree 1,846 USD / year. Master's degree 1,499 USD / year

Popular Subjects: Architecture & Planning, Business & Management Studies, Design, Engineering, and Science

The California State University

The California State University routinely earns praise for the quality of its academic programmes and services to society. The 23 CSU campuses have won awards yearly for delivering high-quality instruction, maintaining accessibility and affordability, and acting as a catalyst for social mobility. Despite its large size, the school remains one of the most affordable colleges in the USA.

Location: Long Beach, California

Tuition Fee: 8,151 USD

Popular Subjects: Business Management, Marketing, Visual and Performing Arts, Family and Consumer Services

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo was founded in 1811 and is Norway's oldest higher learning institution.   The University of Oslo is an affordable college of higher learning because there are no tuition costs. Nevertheless, students must pay a nominal semester registration fee of NOK 550.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Tuition Fee: Free

Popular Subjects: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Sociology and Human Geography, Technology, Innovation and Culture

Humboldt University of Berlin

One of the top ten universities in Germany is Humboldt-Universität. Given the university's scholarly stance, it has concentrated on creating answers for the concerns and problems that affect society. Since there are no tuition costs at Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, it is an affordable college of higher learning. However, applicants will need to pay a small semester fee as HU students.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Tuition Fee: Free

Popular Subjects: Mass Communication & Media, Arts (Fine / Visual / Performing ), Medicine & Health Sciences, Design, Law, Teaching & Education, Humanities & Social Sciences

École Normale Supérieure (Paris)

  An affordable college in the heart of Paris' intellectual district, the 5th Arrondissement, Ecole normale supérieure is the perfect place to study.  You frequently encounter intriguing people, and the student body is quite diversified. All ENS students are extremely passionate about their fields of study, and most want to work in academia or research after graduation.

Location: Paris, France

Tuition Fee: 600 EUR

Popular Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy

University of Southern Queensland

Toowoomba, Queensland, is home to the University of Southern Queensland.  The university upholds the ideals of integrity, excellence, and respect. The university's purpose is to be a leader in social and economic development by conducting world-class research along with being an affordable college.

Location: Queensland, Australia

Tuition Fee: AUD 2,375

Popular Subjects: Business & Management Studies, IT & Software, Science, and Engineering

Apart from this, some affordable countries for international students are Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy. However, beyond searching for the best affordable universities for international students, one must also realise and plan on how to save on unnecessary expenses and how to save money to succeed financially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) Can I study in the US for 20 lakhs?

Yes, definitely. Although living in the US is expensive, the country has some of the best colleges where the tuition fee winds down to 20 lakhs or less. For instance, Purdue University, Alabama State University, University of Houston, Kansas State University, South Dakota State University, and West Texas A&M University.

Q.2) Can I study abroad if I’m poor?

Nothing can stop you if you can prove yourself. You can always apply for some of the best, most international merit-based scholarships. Showcasing your merit can also get you education loans. Or, you can apply for some low-cost degree programs abroad for starters and then see how everything works out. Our counsellors at Azent can help you find the best opportunities out there!

Q.3) What are the cheapest European universities for MS?

Some affordable European universities are located in Germany, Norway, Spain, France, etc., such as RWTH Aachen University, University of Berlin, Heidelberg University, University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Bergen, Nord University, Polytechnic University of Milan.

Q.4) What are the best affordable universities in the UK for international students?

Leeds Trinity University, London Metropolitan University, University of Buckingham, University of West London, Coventry University, are some of the popular and affordable universities in the UK for international students. Of these, Coventry University is recognised as one of the most affordable universities in the world.

Q.5) Which country is best for studying abroad?

The US and the UK are the most popular choice for students worldwide for higher education. Besides, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, France, and South Africa are the top choices for students to pursue an academic life worth remembering. 

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