5 Affordable Countries to Study Abroad For Indian Students
12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Top 5 Affordable Countries to Study Abroad For Indian Students

Financial support becomes a bone of contention when considering studying abroad, as living and study expenses and living and eating habits are added to the various costs one has to bear while abroad. Of course, scholarships come to aid in a multitudinous way. Budgeting and saving may help you in many ways; it may come in handy for you to know about the best affordable country to study abroad.


Norway's excellent academic prospects and living costs have made it an affordable country to study abroad for international students. The tuition fee is FREE; however, you only need to pay your living expenses and maybe some 3k-5k for the student union. If you can also manage to save and spend well, you will experience a beautiful life in Norway.

The top affordable universities in Norway are - 


Germany is another European country that headlines for "free" and "affordable" universities worldwide for almost all international students. The influx of Indian students into the country proves that it is student-friendly and, therefore, an affordable country to study abroad.

The top affordable universities in Germany are -


An escape into everything, studying in Switzerland will provide you with a magical experience. The country is famous for its research work, such as CERN, Paul Scherrer Institute, Geneva International Peace Research Institute, etc. Consequently, four Swiss universities are also represented in the top 100 charts.

The top affordable universities in Switzerland are:


Reel in the 'La vie en rose by studying and living in France. Paris has been voted the number one student city 4 times in a row. While the cost of living in cities like Paris can be overwhelming, tuition fees are nominal and the same for domestic and international students, making it an affordable country to study abroad.


Live and breathe the historical site of some of the most famous European schools ripped with culture since their establishment from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Your average fee per academic year is close to 2,000 EUR. And if you live in a student-friendly city, you might have to pay only 600-1,000 EUR for monthly accommodations.

The top affordable universities in Italy are -

Apart from these culturally rich places, South Africa, Malaysia, Lithuania, New Zealand and Spain offer some popular, affordable universities suitable for your academic prospects. However, apart from finding the best affordable universities for international students, you also need to be aware of how to cut unnecessary expenses to succeed financially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) Which country is best for Indian students to settle in?

Germany and Canada have proven to be the best immigration countries. The relaxed atmosphere and affordable cost of living have made them popular immigration countries for Indian students. Australia and New Zealand are also popular for their student-friendly attitude, especially among Indian students.

Q.2) Which country is the cheapest for study for Indian students?

Norway and Germany are the best choices for many Indian students for their affordable tuition fees and high quality of education. You only have to deposit a one-time semester fee for the entirety of your course. Other living and accommodation costs are also cheaper for students. Yet again, they offer some of the best scholarships to help you cover these extra charges, and you also get to work to make more money. That's quite an excellent dream to dream!

Q.3) Which country is best for studying abroad?

The US and the UK are the most popular choice for students worldwide for higher education. Besides, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, France, and South Africa are the top choices for students to pursue an academic life worth remembering.

Q.4) How to study free in Germany?

Most government universities in Germany require only a small semester enrollment fee from international students. However, some of Germany's popular scholarships to study free are DAAD WISE, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Heinrich Boll Scholarship, Kofi Annan MBA Scholarship, etc.

Q.5) How do I get a scholarship to study abroad?

You must show extensive knowledge in your academic records. To be eligible for any scholarship to study abroad, you must provide ample evidence of your need for external financial aid and an acute desire to excel in your chosen field. 

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