12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

India's Largest Study Abroad Fair is Back With A Bang!

Azent Overseas Education Fair is a grand event where top universities from countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada & more visit multiple cities across India to meet aspiring students. The students can attend the fair for free & get personalised guidance with university shortlisting, course selection & even scholarships & spot offers. Moreover, students can also take VR tours of university campuses before applying, sign up for expert IELTS coaching, get education loans for studying abroad & much more.

What you can Expect at our Fair

Raise Your Queries to the Experts – If you haven’t decided about anything related to studying abroad, now would be a great time. Get the best professional opinion here.

Get Exclusive Access to Scholarship Aids – Why? Just because you made an effort to be a part of India’s largest study abroad fair. Get expert tips and ways to stand out in your scholarship application.

Better Application Processing – This is like a first-come, first-serve opportunity for potential abroad students. Experts can help you at any point you come up against any obstructions.

Visa, PR, and Employment Queries – If you think you want to make more of life abroad, then it is the best place to seek expert advice on your PR options, how to avail your student visa, and if and how to work abroad.

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What we offer at India’s largest Study Abroad Fair

Get information about applications, courses, scholarships, post-study work, etc. Register for FREE on Compass & get expert, personalised counselling. Interact with universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland & more.

  • Meet & apply to top universities abroad
  • Get spot offers & scholarship assessments
  • Experience university campuses in virtual reality
  • Get expert IELTS coaching by certified trainers starting from ₹199
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Will I be able to meet university representatives during the overseas fair?

Yes! If you attend the Azent Overseas Education Fair, you can meet & interact with universities from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada & more. You can get more information about the universities, application process, tuition fees, scholarships & more.

Q.2) What are the perks of attending the study abroad fair?

  • Meet & interact with top universities from around the world
  • Take VR tours of university campuses before applying
  • Shortlist best-fit universities & courses to study abroad
  • Get study abroad scholarships & spot offers*
  • Complete guidance to study in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada & more

Q.3) How do I find the best study abroad course?

With thousands of study abroad courses available worldwide, finding the right fit to study abroad can be challenging. This is where the Azent Course Finder comes in handy. Visit Course Finder and fill in your details like target countries, type of study abroad degree (Bachelors, Masters, PhD), and target fields & instantly get a list of the best courses to study overseas.

Q.4) Can I get IELTS coaching?

Azent offers the best IELTS coaching at the most affordable prices. With expert IELTS coaching faculty, weekly mock tests, official IELTS study material & more benefits like the IELTS masterclass, students can get expert IELTS coaching starting at ₹199.

Q.5) Is a study abroad fair worth it?

Educational fairs are a two-way road. One road helps the organization to get the attention of students and guardians and promote their success stories. The other road is one of enlightenment for the students, especially. Their research doesn’t reach the people who could give them the best answers. These education fairs help you get in touch with the university experts and alumni who can give you a real idea of what happens when you study abroad, the tips and tricks you can utilize in your applications and the chances of fast-tracking your application.

You have a chance to witness one now! So register today for free!

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