12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Best Cities in Canada for Indian Students

For many Indian Immigrants, Canada also offers a wealth of chances in the employment market and entrepreneurship. Every year, several individuals want to obtain a Canadian Student Visa and pursue their studies there. Which Canadian city would be the greatest for students going to study? Let's take a look!


Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada for International Students who want to pursue higher education in Canada because of its abundance of prestigious universities. As one of the best cities in Canada for Indian immigration, Montreal attracts students.

Furthermore, the following are some of the reasons why overseas students favour the Canadian Capital of Culture -

  • There are 68 metro stations, 196 daytime bus lines, 23 nighttime bus routes, furthermore a well-organized, reasonably priced transportation system in the city.
  • A student may have to pay CAD 3.50 for each journey. They can rent BIXI bikes for a reasonable fee to get around the city.
  • The city is the 52nd most affordable in the world. One-bedroom apartments can cost as much as CAD 1,280.72.
  • The city ranks 33rd in employer activity and offers various study opportunities in all disciplines.

A) Expense of Living

For international students, Montreal is the cheapest city in Canada. A three-course lunch will likely cost about CAD 60; however, transportation will cost about CAD 85, and lodging will cost between CAD 709 and CAD 1050. The cost of living is reasonable, and international students can work part-time jobs to help pay their bills.

B) Vibrant Culture

Throughout the year, Montreal conducts events and activities. As a result, international students learn about Canadian culture. The city puts on some of the best plays, sports, concerts and cultural events.

C) Buoyant Labour Market

Regarding American investment abroad, Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada. As a result, it is a favourable and active job market that gives students the best opportunity for leading industrial exposure. Aerospace, video gaming, the health sciences, and the fintech industries are among Montreal's most well-liked businesses.

D) Safe Conduct

International students can study in peace and safety in Montreal. Without worrying about their safety, they can use the roads and transportation whenever they choose. The Economist claims that Montreal is the safest city in the world to live in.


Vancouver is well-known for its exquisite beauty and student safety. Moreover, giant tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are located in the town and provide students with various opportunities.

Here is a quick list of the main factors that rank Vancouver among the most significant Canadian cities for students -

  • Graduates in Vancouver are valued by employers more than in most other cities, indicating how highly employers value them.
  • An international student's yearly tuition costs, on average, 15,735 CAD.
  • A studio apartment in the heart of Vancouver can run you about CAD 2,047.
  • The city provides quick, secure transportation.

A) Simple Transit

Transport is convenient and secure in Vancouver. Therefore, making it one of the best cities in Canada. Trains, express trains, and lake buses serve the city. The city is well connected by public transport.

B) Employment Possibilities

One of the best job markets is in Canada. Vancouver is known for its world-class career opportunities and competitive salaries. Additionally, it provides numerous options for students to work part-time jobs to support themselves.

C) Great Universities

There are many reputable and well-known universities in Vancouver. Some are Vancouver Island University, Langara College, Columbia College, University Canada West, and VCC-Downtown Campus.


Toronto is a highly sought-after location for students. It is the best city in the world and one of the best cities in Canada. Additionally, it is home to the highly regarded University of Toronto (U of T), which attracts students worldwide.

The following elements make the city ideal for Indian immigrants to dwell in Canada -

  • The city has convenient transportation options, including subways and bus routes. It will cost around CAD 3.25 to take the subway.
  • At the best university, the average foreign tuition is CAD 3,384,000.
  • Students and recent graduates have access to various employment options. Regarding the employer activity indicator, the city is tied for 22nd globally.
  • Around CAD 3,200 is the typical monthly cost of living in Toronto.

A) Colleges with Rankings

The top-ranked University of Toronto is located in Toronto. The University of Waterloo, York University, Ryerson University, and OCAD University are just a few of the many universities that are present. They are renowned for their top-notch educational resources, reputable faculty, top research facilities, and placement services.

B) Ideal City Lifestyle

Toronto offers students a fantastic urban lifestyle. It is a centre for enterprises, various cultures, job markets, and international students. Furthermore, it has Excellent restaurants, clubs, shopping centres, and cultural hubs abound.

C) Accessible Public Transportation

Public transit options are easily accessible and reasonably priced. A Presto card that may be used on all transportation systems is readily available in the city. Additionally, It provides easy and secure movement for overseas students unfamiliar with the area.

D) Living expenses

Living expenses in Toronto are manageable. Three dinners will cost roughly CAD 75, and a one-room apartment would cost around CAD 2,120. The cost of transportation is about CAD 103.

E) Security

Although Toronto is a large, bustling city, international students may always feel safe there. Even in the wee hours of the morning, strict security and safety are everywhere.

F) Employment Opportunities

Toronto's economy is established, and job prospects are expanding. As a result, Toronto has a robust job market. Numerous international students with different backgrounds can find acceptable employment, and pay rates are reasonable.


One of the best cities in Canada is Ottawa, another place that caters to students. International students are drawn to the city's diversified and vibrant culture and excellent work prospects.

Ottawa is one of the top locations for international students for the following reasons -

  • The city is ranked in the top 50 cities for the student view indicator, which measures the city's vibrant student life, friendliness, and diversity.
  • A student would need about CAD 1,185 per month for living expenditures.

A) Diversity of the City

Regarding its cultural diversity, Ottawa is a very diverse city. International students come from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Spanish, English. Italian, Arabic, and German are the most widely used languages here.

B) Transport

The city of Ottawa is well-connected. It is a well-planned metropolis with adequate transportation and communication systems. As a result, Rapid buses, trains, railways, and shuttles are available. A unique Para Transport service is also available for overseas students who are physically challenged.

C) Security

In Ottawa, there is no crime. International students can study without worrying in this city's safe and tranquil atmosphere.

D) Employment Opportunities

Canada's most significant employment hub is Ottawa Technology Park. More than 5,66,000 jobs are available to overseas students from various backgrounds.

F) Cost of living

Living expenses in Ottawa are reasonable. Consequently, it is relatively inexpensive and manageable if international students take on part-time work.

On average, lodging costs CAD 1120, eating costs CAD 70, and transportation costs CAD 103.

Quebec City

Quebec City is the scenic and historic capital of Quebec, the most significant province in Canada for accepting international students. However, the majority of instruction in the city is in French.

Here are some further explanations for why Quebec provides international students with a fantastic experience -

  • In Quebec City, there are a variety of transportation alternatives, including buses (CAD 3), taxis (CAD 1.70 for 0.6 miles), ferries, and two-wheelers.
  • CAD 525 - 700 is the monthly rent for a studio unit.
  • The city has a 93-employer activity rank.
  • The typical tuition ranges from CAD 10,000 to CAD 40,000.

A) Wonderful City Life

Quebec is Canada's second-largest metropolitan area after Montreal. Students can use all the well-known centres and amenities the city offers in addition to the stunning landscapes.

B) Transportation

Québec City is well-connected and has excellent transportation infrastructure. In addition, given the low cost of public transportation, it is a place that attracts students. There are many bicycles and two-wheelers available for good hire as well. The cost of the buses is approximately CAD 3, and the cost of the taxis is CAD 1.70 per mile.

C) Security

Quebec is regarded as a very secure city. As a result, there aren't any violent crimes or other public offences committed here. Friendly and liberal people can be found here. Considering Quebec's safety and tranquillity, international students find it simple to live and study there.

D) Employment Opportunities

Compared to other Canadian cities, the city has a lot of employment options. Many high-paying job options are available for students, and employment is plentiful. Consequently, International students can easily find part-time jobs to support themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) Which city has Canada's best universities?

Students select Canada because of its top-notch educational system and the thriving job market. The University of Montreal, McGill University, Concordia University, and HEC Montreal are some of Montreal's most significant academic institutions in all Canadian cities.

Q.2) Which is the safest city in Canada for students?

Quebec is the Canadian city with the lowest crime rate and is the safest. International students choose Canada because it is a safe country to study in.

Q.3) Which city is best for Indian students in Canada?

Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto are just a few best cities in Canada for Indian Students. They have high employment opportunities, accepting people and culture that is easy to fit in. Additionally, they are also affordable.

Q.4) Which city is safer, Toronto or Vancouver?

Toronto and Vancouver are both safes; however, taking in the size difference between them, it is evident that Toronto is a bigger city. Hence, Vancouver can be easily considered the safer city.

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