11th Jan 2023
Afia Azmi

A Guide to Top 5 Highest Value Countries for MS Abroad in 2023

When combined with international job experience, earning a master's degree from a reputable international university, such as CMU or MIT in the United States, is extremely valuable. Aside from that, numerous nations, including the US, Canada, and others, provide top-notch MS education. Additionally, every country has its unique benefits.

Getting exposed to a new culture and developing new skills are all benefits of studying abroad.

A list of the best nations for Indian students to pursue their master's degrees includes places like the USA, Canada, Germany, and others where they can learn transferrable skills and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to earn money, and find employment or internship opportunities.

But which one is best for you to pursue a master's degree depends on your preferred courses, spending limit, test results for the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL, financial budget, choice, and visa permission, among other factors. Therefore, compare the top universities based on these criteria and select wisely.


The USA has consistently been the greatest and most popular country to study abroad for master's degrees (MS). Its colleges offer top-notch instruction, adaptable coursework, internship opportunities, various educational possibilities, funding sources, etc.

Students who enrol in "STEM" programs—science, technology, engineering, and math—are granted a three-year OPT term during which they can work and recoup their study-related costs. Since the return on investment is more significant than in any other nation.

Approximately it costs 30–40 lakhs (for tuition and living expenses) for two years in the United States. In addition, a student's starting pay ranges between USD 70,000 and USD 100,000.

Top programmes provided in the US -

MBA - One of the most sought-after courses for international students in the United States is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). The leading universities that offer business administration specializations are Harvard University in Massachusetts and Stanford University in California.

Engineering - The most popular engineering majors in the USA are computer science, electronics, chemical, and civil & structural engineering. Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are the major institutions that provide them.

Top Universities to pursue MS programmes in the USA -

United Kingdom

The length of master's programmes in the UK is less than in other nations; it is only one year while maintaining a high standard of instruction. From the start, students can specialize in their chosen field.

Additionally, Oxford and Cambridge are two of the most renowned universities in the world, and degrees from these institutions are regarded and acknowledged worldwide. If you pursue your MS from the UK rather than the US, you will save time and money on tuition costs because the UK has more universities per capita than the US.

However, given the job market, many students choose to study in the UK because there are unlimited prospects for them to find employment there once their degrees are complete. The UK is one of the nation's one can choose from if they want a high-quality education, nevertheless.

Best Programs Offered in the UK -

MBA - The most popular option for students pursuing their master's in the UK is MBA, one of the most sought-after programmes in the country right now. Currently, the two most well-known and respected institutions that offer this degree are Oxford and Cambridge.

Natural Sciences - Among overseas students studying in the UK, natural science is quickly becoming one of the top options for master's degree programmes. Oxford and Cambridge are currently the main universities offering it.

In the UK, annual costs for tuition and living expenses range from 22 Lakhs - 28 Lakhs

Top MS schools in the UK -


Australia has long been regarded as one of the most popular international destinations for MS programmes.

According to recent research, 7 of the top 100 universities in the world are located in Australia because of the high standard of instruction and the wide range of available courses.

Professional development masters, professional masters, and standard academic masters are three categories of degrees in Australia. Master's degrees in professional development give students a chance to specialize.

Australia recognizes the same 15 years of education as the UK, and only the IELTS / PTE examinations are necessary. No GRE is required for students.

Additionally, it attracts students who want to relocate to Australia as Australian Permanent Residents (PR), the quickest of all nations in the world. A student who completes a two-year master's degree programme in the country is eligible for a two-year work extension, allowing them to seek permanent residency and gain practical experience in the global marketplace.

For two years in Australia, the estimated cost of living and tuition is between 25 Lakh to 35 lakhs. The starting wage for a student would be around AUD 70,000.

Leading programmes provided in Australia -

MBA - The master of business administration is considered the best option for students looking to pursue a master's degree in Australia (MBA). An MBA is considered an umbrella degree because it covers a wide range of topics, including marketing and finance.The Australian Graduate School of Management and Melbourne Business School are the main universities that provide them.

Engineering - Masters Degrees in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering have always been among the most popular specializations among overseas students. The University of Melbourne and the University of South Wales are the top universities in Australia that offer engineering

Top MS institutions in Australia -


Canada is known to have some of the most famous and well-looked Universities in the world. The cost of living and tuition for overseas students in Canada are **typically lower than in other nations **like the USA, UK, and Australia, despite the fact that the living standards and MS in Canada courses are among the top in the world.

In addition, while not required, GRE is strongly advised for top universities. Only the IELTS tests are necessary, though.

Canada categorizes education into two categories - graduate certificates and master's degrees.

To be eligible for graduate certificates, a student must also have a Bachelor's degree in the same discipline. Government institutions and universities in Canada provide these graduate certifications. Indians also refer to them as "PG Diplomas."

In terms of offering Permanent Residency (PR), Canada ranks second behind Australia. It is also referred to as a "Backdoor admission into the US" since once a student obtains PR status, they can work there.

Approximately 16 lakhs (living costs plus tuition) per year is what a student must pay in Canada. A student's initial pay would be about 70,000 Canadian dollars.

Below is a list of the best international colleges and master's programmes in Canada.

Top programmes available in Canada -

MBA - Due to the reduced cost of education and perks provided to students, Canada is now the top choice among international students looking to study for their master's degree overseas. The most popular master's degree is the MBA, with the highest enrollment at McGill University and the University of Toronto.

Dentistry - A top choice for overseas students, even today, a Master in Dentistry is one of Canada's oldest professions and safest courses. The University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto are now the top schools offering dental specializations.

Top Canadian MS schools


In recent years, Germany has emerged as a top destination for international students looking to continue their higher education. Unlike other nations, Germany offers a wide range of study options and internationally recognized university degrees, which, combined with a high employment rate and reasonably priced living standards, further increases its appeal.

With more than 14,500 master's and Bachelor's degree options, more than 400 institutions currently offer higher education degrees.

Rent, food, transportation, and insurance are estimated to cost between €700 and €800 in Germany.

According to a recent consensus, Germany has over 357,000 students enrolled in master's programs. Students who need extra hours to support themselves are allowed 90 full days and 180 half days of work, with an hourly wage of around 10 to 15 euros.

The approximate cost of living in Germany is 10 lakhs annually (including tuition).

Studying in Germany allows you to become fluent in the country's native language, which is widely spoken around the world.

Leading programmes provided in Germany -

Engineering - Germany is home to more than 71,000 international students studying engineering. Most people choose to specialize in mechanical, automotive, or electrical engineering. The Technical University of Munich and The Technical University of Berlin are currently the major institutions that offer them.

Business Management - Regarding earning master's degrees in Germany, business management is only second to engineering in terms of popularity. The University of Mannheim and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München are now the top schools that offer them.

Top MS institutions in Germany

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat München
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) Which country offers the maximum years of work permit after MS?

Canada provides a work permit with the same duration as a master's degree. Students have more time to find suitable employment and build their résumé.

Q.2) What factors should I consider while selecting a country to pursue an MS program?

When choosing an MS degree, an overseas student must consider the country's visa policies, language requirements, cost of living and education, proximity to home, universities, specializations, etc.

Q.3) Which country's MS degree is most valuable from a global perspective?

The US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, France, and Germany are the top nations that will assist you in gaining the most international recognition after earning an MS degree.

Q.4) Which MS specializations have the expected job growth in 10 years?

MIS, environmental engineering, systems engineering, computer engineering, and other MS specializations are the most advantageous.


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