12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Tips To Choose The Best Consultants for Indian Students

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting yet sensitive decisions one can ever take. While it is reliable to talk to those who have already been there and done that, you are unique as are your requirements. You must be comfortable with the fact that you are not going to be comfortable in the initial part of this journey. Such a journey requires careful consideration from the tiniest things such as arranging your academic transcripts to the bigger things such as planning your accommodations abroad.

This is where educational consultants come in. They're your one-stop-shop for anything. Experts will assist you in reflecting on your finest traits, your resources for studying abroad, and strategies to improve them. Their advice will help you in every way imaginable, even after you've arrived in a foreign country. It is wise that you keep an open mind and choose the best study abroad consultant.

Some tips you can remember at the time of choosing your consultant are -

Success History

It is quite cliched but it helps new dreamers to choose the right consultancy that has proved its success for some time now. Check out some past success cases, as well as some failures, to know what exactly you require from them. Understand if their performance history appeals to the needs of your study abroad plan.

Countries Available

You need to decide one country where you wish to study abroad in, or at least a handful of choices. Check which countries the consultancy works in. Additionally, also review their blogs or information articles on those countries. Research the best colleges and courses in the countries and if they appeal to your academic vision. 

Azent Overseas offers students counselling in top countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany and UAE

Top Courses

You can also choose a consultancy by reviewing their past history and which courses have been applied for by most students. Or, you can also select any course/degree of your choice and check their informative blogs and content on their website. Do not get sucked into peer pressure on which course to take when you wish to study abroad. Receive appropriate consultation from your consultancy on these grounds. 


This is one of the most important things to check for when you choose an overseas consultant. As usual, they must help you in not only filling out the forms and getting you visas and accommodations, but they must also holistically guide you and counsel you throughout the entire process. Some consultancies may have an upper hand by giving out certain offers for a period of time for your study abroad journey or offer some exclusive features such as online counselling like Azent Overseas Education

Visa Formalities

Check out their entire process of visa processing, which is usually available on their website. Compare and contrast their visa acceptance rate with other consultancies to make a better choice. At Azent Overseas Education, we have a visa acceptance rate of 95%. Understand their facilities related to pre-departure assistance and tailor them to your requirements and needs. 

Scholarships and Funding Criteria

Another important reason to choose the right and best educational consultant is to avail the required help in managing your finances and expenses abroad. Check out, if possible, the list of scholarships you may be eligible for on their website. You can also read their informative blogs to get a basic idea of such funding programs.

Exams Help

Abroad education exams such as IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc. are of vital importance to your studying abroad. Not only are these exams expensive but they also demand high scores, if you want to get into the big league colleges. Make sure that the consultancy prepares your entire backbone and final appearance to pass these exams with flying colours at once. Don’t be afraid of backlash. Prepare yourself mentally and such consultancies will only boost your growth.

In case you are looking for which course you should join to crack the IELTS test on your first attempt then I have a suggestion for you. You should go with Band Guarantee Course at Azent, our team teaches you all the four modules along with plenty of Mock tests, Assignments, Practice Materials, etc. By any chance, if you end up getting less than 7 Bands in the IELTS test then they will teach you for free for your next attempt.

Read the Reviews

It is important to stress this enough because at the end of the day your peers know this process inside out, better than any relative you have living abroad. Google your choice of consultancy and check out whichever links have any legitimate reviews on their facilities, apart from their website, such as Quora discussions or Facebook reviews, etc. 

Compare the Costs

As much expensive as is abroad education, so is investing in an educational consultancy. Check the cost of their program along with their facilities and features. Compare it with other brands on your choice list. Or, you can choose different consultancies based on your various stages of needs such as Visa requirements, exam prep, counselling, the application process, etc. 

You must remember that the best consultancy will only work as best if you always accommodate their process according to your needs. Keep your requirements above everything else. Your needs are also dynamic to the times. Something you have wished for last year may not have the same appeal or success rate today. Keep these tidbits in mind and make an informed decision. These tips will make your abroad education journey a lasting one.

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