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30th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Cost of Studying + Living in the UK for International Students

Big dreams need big plans. Should you choose to accept it, your mission is to plan the cost of studying in the Uk. Your life in the UK, especially when you’re an international student, requires critical thinking. From rent to food to miscellaneous expenditures, your cost of living goes higher as you keep on adapting to the lifestyle. One of the essential factors of budget planning in the UK is understanding what you are left with when you change your home currency to GBP (Great British Pound). The cost of living in the UK proffers a need to counter and balance your fiscal responsibilities.

What will the cost of accommodation in the UK be?

As an international student, your first step in your plan should be to find the cheapest accommodations or shared accommodations in the UK. Many UK universities have their own Halls of Residence for international students.

The common space includes a shared kitchen, lounge area, utility space, and bathrooms. You may be allotted one bed in a room or may share the room with another student. However, if you choose to rent privately and share the space with your friends, the universities also have clubs and committees specifically created to assist you in these areas.

Living in the university accommodation may cost you around £4,914 annually. If renting privately, you are also required to pay for essentials and other charges such as fixing a door, mending a wall, or buying furniture. You may have to pay nearly £9000 annually if living in the city centre, considering you rent a one-bedroom apartment. For a 3BHK, you will have to pay approximately £1300 per month in the city, or £1000 if living outside the city.

Rent and Housing in the UK

Living in the UK is costlier for international students, almost 2 to 3 times higher than local students. Most international students plan and share a 3BHK with 4-5 people, and sometimes even more. Students of different countries huddle together with their people and share accommodations as such.

For Example -

You will find a group of Indian students in the UK sharing a 3 BHK or 2-3 Indians sharing a 1BHK. An average person spends nearly £4000 monthly living in 3BHK. If you share the amount with your friends, you must also consider the cost of groceries, food, clothing, transportation, etc., excluding your tuition fees.

How much will groceries and food cost me in the UK?

Food is imperative in every budget plan. Essential items like bread, milk, water, eggs, vegetables, fruits, alcohol, meat, and snacks will cost you nearly £100-£200 every month. Cooking also requires gas and a stove, out of which gas bills come each month. This bill counts to nearly £50 each month, and £300-£700 annually depending on low, medium, or high usage.

When eating out, international students find the cheapest restaurants to maintain their expenditures. Even then, counting the essential dishes at an inexpensive restaurant, a meal for one will cost you around £15-£20. Eating at a mid-range restaurant with two people may cost you around £50-£100.

How much will transportation cost me in the UK?

In general, travelling to and fro classes and touring may be through buses, taxis, private vehicles, and other transportation facilities. For your car, fuel (for 1 litre / 0.25 gallon) will cost around £2 to £3. Creating a monthly bus or transport pass may cost you nearly £200. For a distance of 1km, a taxi will cost you £2, or between £2-£10, or even more depending on the length.

What is the tuition fee for students in the UK?

In general, the cost of studying in the UK is more expensive for international students. The available course fee starts from £8,000-£10,000 annually and may go higher up to £35,000-£50,000 annually in case of medical degrees or other such costly degrees.

You can plan your tuition fees by listing out the courses you may want to pursue and the universities of your choice. Few of the less expensive institutes in the UK include the University of Bedfordshire, University of West London, Leeds Beckett University, London Metropolitan University.

Healthcare/Miscellaneous Expneses

Healthcare expenditure will cost approximately £50 to £100 or even higher, depending on your needs.

In addition, miscellaneous expenses such as clothing, books, stationery also amount to your monthly or annual expenditure. Therefore, as an international student, your budget plan should centre around the city you live in.

The cheapest places in the UK for international students include Warwick, Belfast, Lincoln, Cardiff, Lancaster, Newcastle, Leicester. Learn about the city, the lifestyle, the food habits, and transportation and other facilities. After that, begin your plan with precision and consideration with a backup plan for your funding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Is studying in the UK expensive? Studying in the UK is expensive for international students. However, many scholarships are offered by UK universities, the UK government, or even your home country. You can apply for both partial as well as fully paid scholarships.

2.) What is the living cost in the UK per month? The monthly living cost in the UK (including rent, accommodation, food, groceries, transportation, etc.) is nearly 1000-1500 GBP in the city. It also varies according to your tuition fees. International students may also be required to provide proof of their financial means to be accepted by some universities.

3.) Is life in the UK expensive? Life can become expensive anywhere and not only in the UK if you do not become fiscally responsible and manage your budget correctly. However, the UK is quite expensive for living and studying in the UK for international students.

4.) Is the UK costly for Indians? It depends on the latest currency converter. The currency exchange for Indians with Rupee currency in the UK is relatively low. So you will be spending twice or thrice the amount in rupees in the UK. The tuition fees in the UK might seem expensive for Indian students. However, part-time jobs, internships, and scholarships are always available to aid your life in the UK.

5.) Is the UK suitable for Indian students? The UK is a hub of advancement and prosperity. Each year nearly 4000 and above Indian students choose to study in the UK. The degrees offered in the UK are touchstones for Indian students, and they are placed in esteemed organizations. Even if they choose to return to India seeking jobs, the UK degree is elemental in their hiring process.

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