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Do Test Scores Matter?

Anuj has failed to get the minimum standardized test score in his first attempt. What next? Should he quit and let go off his dream of studying in an international college? Education experts and previous test takers say “catch the bull by the horns”.What makes standardized test scores (GRE/TOEFL/IELTS) count and why you should not get disheartened with one setback? Read on!

  1. Funding your education – A good test score is your ticket to better scholarship money. The logic is rather simple the higher the test score, the better the chance of more scholarship money.

  2. Getting a visa – If you do bad or not do not even take the standardized tests, you may secure an admission in a less known college. But you might face problem getting your visa if a visa officer asks you for your test score. Better safe than sorry!

  3. Clues to one’s strength’s and weaknesses – The test scores are an evidence to the institution that you are “college- ready”. Likewise, it is also an indicator to you of your own potential and interests. So just go for it! “I got this score purely because of my hard work, dedication and great interest to get into a premier college. My biggest driving factor was I wanted to pursue higher degree from a top college in United States.” – Vamsi ( GRE score 322 – second attempt)