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28th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

All You Need to Know About Education System in The USA

Education refers to a child's overall development. Personal and professional components of education are given equal weight in a sound education system. Depending on their traditional beliefs, culture, and global technical breakthroughs, different countries take different ways.

The education system in a developed country is much different from a developing country. The US has a sophisticated and inclusive education system, covering a wide range of topics. The school system in the USA aims to provide basic knowledge and exposure. Students are encouraged to adapt to a wide array of study methods apart from simple classroom-based teaching.

The class hours are set flexible with a meticulously planned curriculum. The college system in the US also varies significantly. Student assignments are given more credit than the actual grades. The grading system in the US is set differently and evaluates each student individually. Further details on the education system in the USA, schools in the US etc., are given below.

Why the US education system is better?

Education is an investment for our future. An average student spends 12 years in school and later in college to build up a career. In many parts of the world, education is limited to the classroom and grades.

The USA has a diverse learning and teaching method. Students are not rushed or overburdened over academics. Teachers act as facilitators and provide room for individual thinking, choices, doubts and debates. Students learn topics differently and practically. A few of the significant advantages of the education system in the US over other countries are mentioned below.


The education system in the US covers a multitude of subjects of importance. Students are often given a choice to pursue what they want. Every subject is given equal importance and exposure. The rich curriculum also has room for international students and international cultures. The curriculum is set to help students evolve creatively and intuitively, with much scope for research.

Learning Approach

Though most countries adopt 75% classroom-based education, studies have proved that education through experience is better retained in a student's mind. The education system in the US supports education through various field works, trips and teamwork. The difference in learning approach helps students to learn things from a practical point of view. Students are often encouraged to research, question and learn.

Funds and facilities

The education system in the US offers students with various funds and facilities to help them support themselves. The government and other sectors give students free education, need-blind scholarships and additional support to help them achieve their dream. Most of the schools in the US offers world-class facilities and quality teaching. The education system in the US has the most advanced teaching techniques involving visual learning.

International students

International students are encouraged in most US-based institutions. The cultural diversity is well supported. Students learn to adapt to similarities in other cultures as well. Global exposure is another reason why the US remains a dream study destination for students around the globe. A 2018 study shows that the ratio of Indian students in the US has increased significantly.

School System in the USA

The school system in the US is divided into four major categories. The schools evaluate each student based on their skills and talents. Students can take up homeschooling, private schooling or public schooling based on their choice. Generally, the schooling is 12-13 years long. The 4-division schooling includes:

  • Elementary school
  • Junior/Middle school
  • High School
  • Higher secondary

The school system in the USA adopts a 4-point grading system. Letter grades are also included, with an A or A+ being highest and F indicating the lowest. Students are evaluated based on the examination and their papers, research projects, or team works.

Students are also encouraged to participate and perform in various Olympiads/events. Sports, arts and music electives are also given preference. Following the schooling system, students take up a college education based on their interests. Most students prepare for the SAT examination along with their high school education.

College system in the USA

The University system in the USA is student-oriented and provides ample opportunities for work as well as research. The universities are divided into ivy leagues, public or private universities. Students across the globe aim at these institutions for a reputed degree.

The undergraduate courses in the USA are generally 3-4 years. Admission to undergraduate programs is highly competitive and primarily based on SAT scores. Graduate programs are 2 to 3 years long and involve high academic exposure. Most graduate students take up independent research programs during the period of the course.

The university system in the USA also follows a letter grading system. Most of the US-based universities uses grade point averages to evaluate students in a pool. A 4-point scale is also used to calculate the GPA.

Requirements to study in the USA

International students aspiring to study in the US can apply directly. The requirements for each course and level of degree differs, but the general conditions are similar. Indian students have several government scholarships and public funding options to support themselves for their US education.

Some of the documents required for applying to the USAinclude -

  • Relevant transcripts
  • Standardized test scores (GRE/GMAT/SAT)
  • Proof of language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement

The USA is a land of opportunities. Any degree in any field presents itself with enormous opportunities. Another advantage of studying in the US is that students can earn while they study. Many Indian students leaving for the US generally succeed in obtaining a work visa later.

The US education is the right choice for independent aspirants looking for a broad platform in research, especially in the STEM field. Funding for US education is an investment worth the effort. Meritorious students can avail scholarships or grants. A degree from the US is an asset in one's professional as well as a personal profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Why does the USA have the best education system?

The USA has some of the world’s best universities, advanced research and teaching facilities and a global standard of education. The education system in the USA is well-planned and adaptive to students from other cultures as well.

2.) Where does the US rank in education in 2021?

The US top the list of best education rankings 2021, followed by the UK, Germany and Canada.

3.) Is the US education system suitable for Indian students?

Yes, Indian students get to learn more about practical aspects and find many opportunities through the US education system.

4.) Can Indian students get scholarships for masters in the USA?

Yes, Indian students can get partial or complete scholarships for masters in the USA.

5.) Can I apply to the USA as a transfer student?

Yes, some of the schools and universities in the US are open to accepting transfer students.

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