12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

How to Improve Your Acceptance Rate of Studying Abroad

The first concern when considering studying abroad is when to apply and how do I apply. It is critical to note that you must meet specific requirements and criteria to qualify as a candidate and increase your acceptance rate. Therefore, you cannot always choose which university to apply to. 

The acceptance rate and chances of admission to reputable colleges can be improved by improving various aspects of a student's professional life. It's crucial to enrol in an institution that will expose you to a wide range of career options and increase your employability if you want your study abroad experience to be valuable.

Exams for Admission

Students must know all exams' significance and acceptance rate, whether they are admission entry exams like the GMAT/GRE/SAT or language tests like the IELTS/PTE/TOEFL. It would be best if you don't start studying for these tests in the middle of the procedure; in fact, ensure you have your test scores ready before starting your applications. Students should allow enough time for test preparation and only take the tests when they are confident of their results. It is easier for students to concentrate on the essential aspects of the application processes when they have had the time to prepare for these exams.

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Relevant After-school Pursuits

Students are increasingly spending a significant portion of their time on extracurricular activities. However, the quality of the work is more important than the number of hours put in. Avoid "chasing" certificates and a never-ending list of activities. Instead, concentrate on the abilities that the project's activities will provide you with.

Ideal activities are those related to the topic of study you wish to follow and that aid in developing abilities to demonstrate your commitment to applying to a subject area that inspires you. Along with the learning results you attained over your years of education, this kind of action might be a massive bonus for those who evaluate your application and eventually increase your Acceptance Rate.

Show Commitment to The Study Area you've Selected

Convincing the institution you are genuinely interested in the course, you are applying to may be the most crucial factor in increasing your acceptance rate. Demonstrating your enthusiasm for and a keen interest in that particular field.

Your chances of being accepted are higher the more eager you are to enrol as a student in that university programme.

Depending on the university's requirements, motivation can be demonstrated through a personal essay, examples of extracurricular activities, a portfolio, internships, self-study, or any action taken to learn more about the subject of your intended study.

Assistantships and Internships

When it comes to showcasing your professional qualities to the university admissions committee, internships are crucial. The ability to apply and implement theoretical concepts to real-world circumstances is demonstrated through internships. Training is essential for writing a strong statement of purpose (SOP) and obtaining letters of recommendation (LOR) that stand out.

Internships enable them to understand your true potential through the tasks and labour you have completed at your place of employment. University education and professional practice in a discipline are two different endeavours.

It educates students on corporate etiquette, cooperation, communication skills, and interpersonal rapport while instilling tremendous confidence. Earning your degree is a fantastic place to start pursuing challenging opportunities in any industry.

Work History

Some programmes require applicants to obtain relevant job experience before enrollment. MBA programmes, PhD programmes, post-doctorate courses, integrated masters + PhD courses, etc., are the most popular courses that want work-ex. Additionally, a few PG diploma programmes require applicants to have at least 2-3 years of relevant experience.

Work experience is essential and can significantly advance your career. The university can use it as an excellent platform to assess your aptitude and potential as an employee and perform a utility analysis of your skills and certifications. Work experience, whether relevant or not to the university you are applying to, builds your professional identity and always makes your SOP stand out from other applicants.

Continuous English Language Development

The needed level of English varies from university to university, but the more proficient you are, the better your chances of getting accepted to a study abroad programme. You can study until the last minute if you don't yet have a decent level of English because some overseas colleges also include an English section in the final exam, or you can send the results of the English test by the end of August.

However, suppose you are interested in working while you are a student. In that case, we do not advise delaying the thorough study of the English language as it would undoubtedly improve your chances of getting part-time employment.

Prepare for the Interview

If you are lucky enough to receive an interview invitation, undertake the essential training to ace the interview confidently. Before the interview, do an extensive study about the college.

You must submit the best application if you want to study abroad. This is the first action you should take to fulfil your desire. To complete your ambition of studying abroad, you must ensure that your application is flawless and has all the necessary details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) How can I increase my chances of studying abroad?

  • Relevant after-school pursuits
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the study area you've selected.
  • Assistantships and internships
  • Work History
  • Continuous English language development
  • Prepare for the interview

Q.2) How do I stand out in a study abroad application?

Mention any significant academic successes, professional experience, or knowledge of a second language that you think would be valuable abroad. The more you can contribute to the programme, the better. The institution knows you will learn a lot while away from home.

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