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5th Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

MBA in USA or Europe: Which Region Fits Your Career Goals?

When it comes to an international MBA, most Indians have traditionally opted to pursue MBA programs in the US. With more students interested in this program than ever before, students are turning to Europe in order to covet this popular degree. While it is clear an MBA degree from either region comes with many benefits, we present a list of factors for you to consider to help you decide which is better suited for you.


While MBA programs in general are quite expensive, MBA in Europe usually cost less than those offered at US universities. There are exceptions of course, such as the MBA program at the London School of Economics.

Method of Instruction

MBA programs in the US are well known for going beyond the classroom to ensure their students have an edge in the national as well as global stage. In addition to usual lectures, students are exposed to guest lectures by respected people in the field as well as seminars. They work on case studies to get a better idea on how to deal with real-world problems. Internships are also compulsory. Student exchange programs have also been a popular part of these programs. While these factors clearly made an MBA from a US university most desirable in the past, the scenario is changing as MBA programs the world over are becoming increasingly similar.

Specialized MBA Programs

While a general MBA is still popular these days, several students are opting for specialized MBA programs as they believe these programs can add more value to their careers due to the concentrated focus on certain industries or branches within business administration. With regard to specializations, both the US and Europe have great specialized MBAs on offer.

International Exposure

The number of international students in MBA programs in Europe are higher than the number in US MBA programs. For students looking to gain more international exposure, Europe is generally considered the better choice.


If you’re keen to try to get a scholarship to help you get through your MBA program, the US may be a better bet for you. There are many scholarships on offer and these are open to international students as well.

Class Size

If you prefer smaller classes, where you will have a better chance of getting more individualized attention, Europe is a better option as several schools in the US accept a large number of MBA students due to the high demand.

Program Duration

MBA programs in the US are typically spread out over the course of two years. In Europe, you can earn your MBA degree in one year, although specialized MBA programs could take around two years to complete. If you are keen to complete your degree as soon as possible and start working, a European MBA may suit you better. It is worthwhile to note that some people believe that the two-year MBA program is necessary, not only because you can learn more over a longer period, but because you will be able to network more in that span of time, which could be richly rewarding for your career.

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While universities in the US may have taken the cake for the best qualified faculty in MBA programs, a few years ago, universities in Europe are catching up. If this is the most important criteria for you, you will have to delve deeper and do your research on the faculty members of the universities you are considering applying to.

Return on Investment

The ROI on a US MBA is pretty high. Companies across the world still greatly appreciate an MBA from a university in the US. European MBAs are highly valued as well, today. Overall, it is important to keep in mind that ultimately there will be a lot of importance placed on the school you receive your MBA from. An MBA from a higher ranked B-school is more likely to increase your ROI.

Ultimately, an MBA from either Europe or the US can be very beneficial for your career. As MBA programs the world over are becoming more similar, your choice could become a whole lot simpler. The best advice is to consider the credibility of the university you apply to and ensure that their program is best suited to building the career you desire. While these points are factors you need to consider when deciding on which region would be best suited for you to pursue an MBA, they are only the first step in your journey. Good luck from all of us at Admission Table!

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