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Highest Paying MBA Specialisation

In today's fiercely competitive world, further education is necessary to get well-paying professions, particularly in the business sector. Selecting the appropriate MBA specialization is one element that has a long-term impact on your life and career. Graduates who specialize gain specialized knowledge about their desired careers. Choosing the finest-paying MBA specialization is smart if you're a business professional hoping to increase your income.



Management tracks in MBA programmes enable you to plan, supervise, and make decisions for enterprises of all sizes and are among the most well-liked and lucrative MBA concentrations. General MBA programmes frequently include a strong emphasis on management.

A management MBA programme provides the advantage of developing broad abilities applicable to most company sectors. Organizational management, marketing, economics, finance, and business ethics are all topics included in these curricula. Graduates with a management emphasis are prepared for a wide range of careers. But some jobs can favour applicants with more particular concentrations.

Early career average salary ranges from 106,000 USD to 116,000 USD


Entrepreneurship focuses on methods and ideal procedures for starting new businesses. Programs strongly emphasize strategies for business planning, forecasting, and innovation. An entrepreneurship specialization may benefit you if you're interested in launching or growing existing enterprises. The best entrepreneurship programmes provide tools for planning and determining viability. You acquire the skills necessary to assess business concepts' viability and potential profitability.

Due to the unpredictability of launching new businesses, salaries for MBAs with an entrepreneurial specialization can vary more than those with other concentrations. However, graduates of entrepreneurship programmes can also apply their knowledge to consulting and leadership positions with already-existing companies, earning some of the highest MBA salaries in the entrepreneurial industry.

Early career average salary ranges from 84,000 USD to 116,000 USD.


The importance of finance to businesses means that this MBA concentration has a high-income potential. You will learn how to assess financial results to aid decision-making so companies can remain profitable. The BLS anticipates a 17% increase in employment for finance managers between 2020 and 2030, with roles in risk management and cash management experiencing robust growth.

An MBA in finance develops essential management, financial planning, and financial analysis skills. Budgeting, accounting, economics, and taxation are common subjects in the top MBA finance program. Numerous programmes also examine advanced analytical and forecasting frameworks for the financial sector, including big data analytics.

Early career salary ranges from 60,000 USD to 108,000 USD.


Business Analytics

The highest-earning MBA concentration at the moment is Business Analytics. A business analytics MBA focuses on the methodical study of data to arrive at reliable conclusions and choices. The information presented here is derived from statistical sources or commercial activities to assess effectiveness, cost, and outcomes. Choosing to specialize will improve your analytical, technical, and leadership skills.

The average annual salary ranges from 65,261 GBP to 73,419 GBP in the business sector


65,261 GBP to 81,577 GBP in the healthcare sector.

Information Technology

The second-highest paying MBA speciality In UK is Information Technology. You can manage IT systems and human resources with the skills you gain with an IT specialization.

With a primary focus on subjects like information security, IT project management, telecommunications, etc., it integrates the conventional business expertise of an MBA. An excellent way to stand out in today's tech-savvy workplace is to get an MBA in information technology.

The average annual salary in the UK ranges from 36,709 GBP to 77,498 GBP.


Finance is another well-liked and well-paid MBA speciality. An MBA with a finance concentration can lead to satisfying professions in critical economic sectors like insurance, taxation, international finance, asset management, and tax planning, among others. You could work for prominent organizations as a financial planners and advisor. Indeed, finance has a significant role in economics, business, and management.

The average annual salary for this specialization ranges from 28,559 GBP to 81,598 GBP.



Top paying industries for MBA in Canada include finance and financial services. Less than one in five MBAs at Sauder have chosen to continue in finance, making them an outlier.

For MBA graduates, the finance sector reports salaries ranging from 80,000 CAD to 85,000 CAD


One of the top choices for MBA industrial locations in Canada has been acknowledged as being the consulting industry. In Canada, 25% - 30% of MBA graduates choose to work in consulting businesses.

For MBA graduates, the average income in this field is approximately 90,000 CAD.


You can manage IT systems and human resources with the knowledge and abilities you acquire through an IT specialization. It combines the traditional business knowledge of an MBA with a primary focus on topics like information security, IT project management, telecommunications, etc. The largest employers in Canada's economy are found in technological companies.

The average MBA income in Canada is approximately 93,000 CAD.



Management courses are among the most sought-after and lucrative MBA concentrations because they allow you to organize, manage, and make decisions for businesses of all sizes. An emphasis on management is typically present in general MBA programmes.

The average annual salary is 67,000 EUR.


An MBA in finance fosters the development of crucial management, financial planning, and financial analytical abilities. Common topics covered in the best MBA programmes for finance include accounting, economics, taxation, and budgeting. In addition, several programmes look at sophisticated analytical and forecasting frameworks for the financial industry, including big data analytics.

The average annual salary is 63,500 EUR.



Following an MBA, the marketing industry in Ireland offers some of the highest-paying positions.

  • Affiliate Managers typically make around 41,000 EUR annually.
  • Deputy Brand Managers get about 45,800 EUR annually.
  • While Analytics Professionals can earn up to 30,700 EUR per year.
  • Assistant Product Managers get 49,800 EUR annually.


Executive Assistants in Ireland make an average pay of 42,866 EUR per year with an MBA in finance specialization.

In contrast, Fiscal Managers make an average salary of 56,681 EUR per year.

Accountants make 39,248 EUR annually compared to Office Managers' 30,342 EUR salary.

Financial Analysts typically earn 39,492 EUR annually, whereas Fund Accountants are paid 40,876 EUR annually.

Additionally, Operations Analysts make 40,678 EUR annually.

Supply Chain Administration

Another speciality that is in high demand in Ireland is supply chain management.

Supply Chain Coordinators make an average of 56,100 EUR annually, while Supply Chain Managers can make up to 114,000 EUR a year with training and experience.

Additionally, the average pay for Supply Chain Executives and Project Managers is 40,800 EUR and 60,000 EUR, respectively.



In Australia, MBA in Finance make about 96,000 AUD a year. More than 22% of post-MBA careers are in finance. Currently, there are 4800 Finance Manager Jobs available in Australia on Indeed.

One learns to comprehend the financial actions of any firm through the finance specialization. A finance MBA requires a solid understanding of economics and money to sustain and grow a firm. Finance is the most important component of any corporation.

The goal is to learn the value of assets and how debt can be concealed. It involves acquiring the habit of being thrifty. One can pursue various careers in finance, from a firm's Chief Financial Officer or Vice President to an investment banker, asset manager, or management accountant.


The typical salary for an MBA in Marketing Graduate in Australia is 110,000 AUD. Excellent marketing abilities may quickly expand a business. Currently, there are more than 7500 positions for marketing managers available on Indeed. People in marketing are essential to any firm.

The contribution of marketers to the expansion of any business is above average, from bringing in new clients to boosting market share and income. They know what the customer wants and appeal to them with their abilities.

An MBA in marketing degree covers competitive analysis, branding, advertising, and market research and analysis. The benefits of earning an MBA in marketing include opportunities such as marketing manager, media, internet marketer, business developer, etc.

Information Technology

IT professionals earn around 100,000 AUD annually. This internet age will come to an end without IT. The internet is still operational, thanks to advancements in information technology. On Indeed, there are more than 16,000 jobs for IT managers in Australia. One of the most sought-after postgraduate curricula is it.

One learns the management and business aspects of operating an IT/Service business as part of their MBA in information technology. The training covers system analysis, supply chain management, network security, and managerial choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) Which MBA specialisation has the highest salary?

MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Business Management, MBA in Finance and MBA in Entrepreneurship are the specializations with the Highest Salary.

Q.2) Which MBA is in high demand?

Demand for MBA graduates in Accounting, Finance and IT is increasing day by day.

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