Planning to Study in Germany
28th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Why Study MS in CSE in Germany

Low tuition fee, good research facilities, great part-time opportunities, 1.5-year work-permit and taught in English are the key benefits for MS IN CSE in Germany

Which are the advantages of studying MS in Germany?
  • Zero tuition fee -

State-funded universities offer free education. Private universities charge tuition fee, which is also comparatively low.

  • Research facilities are good

  • Affordable Living Standards -

You can cover up to 80% of your monthly living expenses by working part-time with some professors, helping them in their on-going research projects.

  • Good opportunities with startups in Berlin and Munich

  • Less expensive health insurance

  • Better work-life balance

Which are the disadvantages of studying MS in Germany?
  • Lower paying part-time jobs as well as fewer opportunities in Germany when compared to the US. However, you should note that you get paid enough to meet your monthly expenses.

  • You need to learn the German language for easier day-to-day living as well as better access to part-time opportunities.

  • Out of Times top 100 universities, 37 are in the US whereas only 19 are in Europe. The US has a large number of good universities, offering every possible specialization and a range of courses.

Bonus points
  • With a German student visa, you can travel anywhere within Europe.
  • You can stay up to 1.5 years after completing your Masters to search for a job.
  • Great career opportunities for you – by some estimates, there is a shortage of over 100K engineers and IT professionals with average salaries around $60K a year.
  • You can work for a maximum of 90 days per year (full time) or 180 days per year (part-time). And the best part is you don’t require an additional work permit. So, by working part-time you can cover the majority of your living expenses.
  • If you do well in your internships, you have a good chance of getting a full-time placement.
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