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Confused What to Choose? MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics

MS in Business intelligence and analytics, for most of the businesses today, data is their most valuable asset.

With an estimated shortage of 1.5 million big data experts in 2018, many companies are already struggling to manage and use their data effectively.

Data specialists with an understanding of business are already in high demand and are increasingly playing transformational role for their employers.

So are you someone interested in building a career as a data specialist?

Two popular choices that you have are:

  1. MS in Business Intelligence, and
  2. MS in Business Analytics

But how will you figure out which one is the right-fit for you?

Which one will fit best with your background and interests and ensure a long-term successful career?

On the surface, both the programs – MS in Business Intelligence and the MS in Business Analytics – are designed to help you transform raw data into actionable business insights.

But both the programs take slightly different approaches to achieve their business objections.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between these two master’s degrees.