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2nd Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

Post MS Salary in USA, Canada & Australia | Average Salary in US

Learn about MS salary you can get in US, Canada or Australia, how to prepare for more salaries and salaries you can get after coming back to India

What salary can I expect after MS in US, Canada or Australia?

An MS overseas will cost you more than 70,000 USD (Rs 44,00,000), you may want to know return on your investment in terms of potential salaries after your MS.

So we have complied starting salaries after MS in the US, Canada and Australia.

Please be mindful that the salaries data below are only estimation and actual salaries may vary based on many things including your specialization, city of work, prior work experience, job role and position among others.

What is MS Salary in the US?

The chart will give you a sense of the average salary in the first job after completing MS in the US for various majors.

  • Business and Management Managers - 71,600 USD
  • Computer Science Engineer - 72,000 USD
  • Other Engineer - 73,900 USD
  • Math & Science Professional - 67,900 USD
  • Communication and Media Professional - 55,700 USD
  • Social Sciences Professional - 52,300 USD
  • In addition to above, a PhD in Computer Science will get you a starting salary of around 100,000 USD.
What is the MS Salary in Canada?

The chart will give you a sense of the average salary in the first job after completing MS in the Canada for various majors -

  • Software Engineer - 52,409 CAD – 99, 578 CAD
  • Mechanical Engineer - 59,800 CAD
  • Math & Science Professional - 59,800 CAD
  • Marketing Manager - 60,741 CAD
  • Production and Manufacturing Manager - 62,891 CAD

Though salaries in Canada is less than that in the US, considering on cost of living, if New York’s cost of living is taken as 100, then Canada’s cost of living is 70 and that of Australia is 80.

What is MS Salary in Australia?

The chart will give you a sense of MS Salary after completing a job in Australia for various majors.

  • Civil Engineer - 87,324 AUD
  • Mechanical Engineer - 81,600 AUD
  • Chemical Engineer - 71,620 AUD
  • Mining Engineer - 86,297 AUD
  • Business and Management Manager - 73,382 AUD
  • Marketing Manager - 71,180 AUD
  • Electrical and Computer Engineer - 88,792 AUD
Does work experience prior to an MS help get a higher salary?

Prior work experience from most companies in India count. The intensive training and learning provided by most of the foreign universities, coupled with global exposure will provide you with valuable qualities and skills in the eyes of employers the world over.

In addition to technical know-how, an MS program will help build your knowledge on the subject.

While an MS along with job experience may give you an edge over other students without job experience, its always wise not to have lofty expectations.

What salary I can expect in India after an MS overseas?

While companies will not, as a rule, pay you more for investing in an MS overseas, several employers will consider paying you a little more than the market standard if you demonstrate you will make it worth their while.

Generally speaking, the purchasing power parity between the US and India can vary between 1:2 and 1:3. To give you an idea of what this could mean, if you currently earn $60K then it would be reasonable to expect a salary of between $20-$30K in India, i.e. Rs.10-15 lakhs per year.

The quality of your education and international experience could definitely help you earn more. Other factors that will influence the salary you earn, include your professional achievements and good communication skills.

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