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27th Aug 2023
Manisha Sharma

Navigating Study Abroad Challenges with Azent's Support & Expertise

Let Azent guide you through the maze of study abroad challenges. Personalized counseling, profile enhancement, and visa expertise for a seamless transition.

Applying to study overseas can be a rewarding experience, however, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Questions like “Where should I study?”, “How do I apply” and “How much does studying abroad cost?” are common and may leave the students feeling a bit anxious. Well, fret not as with defined routes to follow, these uncertainties can be addressed smoothly.

In this blog, we’ll explore the common challenges faced by students and later delve into the importance of choosing the best admission route to tackle these challenges efficiently.

6 Common Challenges Faced By Students When Applying to Foreign Universities

Make a note of the most common challenges faced by international students.

1. Financial Challenges

Finances are one of the major challenges faced by international students when going abroad. With tuition fees, living expenses, transportation costs etc, it is important that you plan financially. Try to set up a budget before leaving home, so that there aren’t any surprises in a foreign land.

2. Finding a Good Accommodation

One of the most underrated problems of staying abroad is finding the right place to stay. The on-campus accommodation gets filled way too fast and students are left with no other choice but to find accommodation outside the college campus. This leads to paying large amounts to find desired accommodation.

3. Lack of Opportunities

With numerous students around the world competing for the best offer, it can be quite a challenge to bag the best one. This situation becomes particularly stressful for students whose visa period might be running out.

4. Vast Array of Options

With the huge amount of information available online related to foreign universities and courses, it can be quite overwhelming for students to navigate through them all. The vast amount of data makes it difficult for students to filter, leading to confusion and indecision.

5. Visa Procedures

Obtaining a student visa for some countries can be a lengthy process. Moreover, the visa application process involves detailed documents, interviews and more guidelines to be followed as set by the concerned countries’ immigration authorities. This only adds to the stress for students planning to study abroad.

6. Lack of Proper Guidance

Without access to experienced counsellors, students may find themselves feeling long in the whole application process when applying to study abroad. Right from choosing the right courses that align with your career goals to creating a compelling application, there are a whole lot of steps involved when applying to foreign universities. Experienced counsellors play a vital role here with expertise and insights throughout the application journey.

Now that you know the common challenges faced by students when applying to study overseas, you would now appreciate the need for choosing the best admission route. Opting for the best study abroad consultants in India can help address these issues by providing personalised assistance to students.

Why is Azent the Best Study Abroad Consultants in India?

We are a renowned study abroad consultant offering a range of services to suit the unique requirements of students. We help simplify the study abroad journey for aspiring international students in the following way:

1. Live Counselling

Azent app offers personalised live counselling sessions to students with experienced consultants. These experts are well-versed in offerings including university shortlisting, course selection, application and visa requirements and more. Students can discuss their academic backgrounds and career goals during the live session which helps the counsellor gain a better understanding of the student’s needs. Furthermore, the counsellors are skilled enough to provide up to date information to students. This helps the students think through properly and make informed decisions.

2. University Shortlisting

In a one on one session with our expert counsellor, get your university shortlisted on the spot. Get to choose among the top courses including MBA, Medicine, Law, Data Analytics and more as per the feedback on your profile from our counsellor.

3. Create a Compelling Profile

Azent offers various tools and resources to students to build a compelling profile. They provide students with tips to write an impactful application which helps them highlight their academic achievements and extracurricular activities. A strong profile increases the chance of acceptance into the top university, making the student stand out from other applicants.

4. VISA Support

We help in streamlining the process for Visa by providing valuable guidance and support to students during the visa application. We assist them in understanding the visa requirement as per the respective country’s visa permit requirements. Not only this but we also help students with the common visa document requirements.

5. Education Loans

Our expert consultants help students in managing the financial aspect of studying overseas. We provide them up to date information related to scholarships and education loans. Further, we even offer student loans of up to 2 crores with an interest rate as low as 8% ensuring students get the necessary funding.

6. Azent IELTS

In the study abroad application process, Language proficiency tests like IELTS play an important role. Azent is your one-stop platform for this test preparation. With live online classes from our expert teachers and 100 + practice tests and modules, you are sure to succeed in the competition.

To conclude, Azent enables an easy transition for the students to move into the new environment with support services and offerings that extend till the time of the student's arrival on campus. So, if you’re considering studying abroad, look no further than Azent as your study abroad consultant. Contact us today and get ready to embark on an international educational journey for a brighter future!

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