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Part-Time Job Opportunities in The UK

The cost of living in the UK has become quite expensive to bear for international students. From rent and accommodation to food, groceries, and other miscellaneous expenses, one cannot only rely on scholarships or money from home. In addition to that, to live your life to the fullest in the UK, one significant step is to live the life of the general people in the UK. There are a lot of part-time job opportunities for international students in the UK, from being a delivery person to an assistant editor. Each job has its unique experience to offer that is incomparable to other opportunities.

The average salary for most of the part-time jobs in the UK is nearly £100-£200 per week, and if your skills are advanced, you can also expect a whopping amount of £300-£400 per week. Annually, you can even earn up to £4000-£7000. Before choosing the best opportunity for yourself, make sure to check with your visa to know the allotted time you're allowed to work in the UK as an international student. For example, Indian students with a Tier 4 visa can work for 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during holidays.

Some of the popular part-time paying jobs in the UK are: