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12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

PR in Canada for Indian Students

Ranking 4th in the world for its Global Employment category, Canada is also one of the safest and happiest places for international students. In 2021, Canada broke its own record in 2019 and issued 495,000 student visas for international students, making the total number of international students nearly 622,000. Out of these, 217,410 students are from India alone. In the same year, Canada again broke its own record and issued 405,000 permanent residents.

Due to its excellent educational facilities and post-study stay back options with fresh opportunities for graduates, many students opt for permanent residency options.

Requirements for PR in Canada

Canada PR requirements for international students include the following:

  • Fill out the forms based on the requirements.
  • Gather the required documents for the stay.
  • Get the medical checkup and police verification documents ready.
  • You will receive a confirmation message of your permanent residence status and a confirmation of your permanent residence card.

One also needs to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) pertaining to their level of skills.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC skill levels

A Level

  1. Nature of education/training
  2. University degree at the UG, PG or doctorate level.

B Level

Nature of education/training -

  • 2 to 3 years of post-secondary education
  • 2 to 4 years of apprenticeship training
  • 3 to 4 years of secondary school
  • 2 years or more of job training, specialised training programs, or work experience in a specific field

C Level

Nature of education/training -

  • Secondary school education
  • 2 years of job training, specialised training programs, or work experience in a specific field.

D Level

Nature of education/training -

  • Short work demonstration or job training
  • No formal education is required

Requirements for NOC To be eligible, you must

  • meet the necessary language levels for each language skill - writing, reading, listening, speaking
  • Have at least 2 years of full-time job experience or 2 years of part-time work experience in a skilled field within the period of 5 years before you apply.
  • Meet the job requirement conditions for the particular skilled field as set forth in the National Occupational Classification, except for needing a qualification certificate.
  • Have a valid and reasonable job offer of full-time employment for a period of at least 1 year or a qualification certificate in that skilled field provided by a Canadian provincial, or federal authority.
Top Programs for PR in Canada

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

If you are working on a temporary work permit and the employer has provided you with an offer for a permanent employment opportunity, you may be qualified to apply for your permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Such an offer is mentioned as "arranged employment." The temporary worker will have to meet the required points below for the Foreign Skilled Worker Program. Score points are granted based on some basic elements such as the applicant’s education, age, language skills, adaptability, and the job offer. This procedure can take up to a period of 12–18 months.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Temporary workers who are in proficient positions can use their work experience in Canada to try the Canadian Experience Class program. This is a well-known choice for the temporary workers who do not meet the standard points that are needed for the federal skilled worker program. Candidates under the CEC must have at least 2 years of work experience in Canada or have completed post-secondary studies in the Canadian universities or institutions and should have 1 year of work experience. Candidates who qualify under the CEC must meet one of the conditions above before applying for their Canadian permanent residency.

Provision Prominent Programs

Nearly every province has their own provincial nominee program that allows provinces to choose foreign nationals to try for their Canadian permanent residency. Candidates who apply under a provincial program must plan to reside in the province in which they are applying. The different streams and choices available in each province can differ greatly, but still programs mostly resemble those programs at the federal level. Application procedures for permanent residency under a PNP can take up to a period of 12-18 months.

Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

The Quebec Experience Class (QEC) is much like the Canadian Experience Class (CEQ), excluding the fact that there are additional conditions under the QEC. Candidates under the QEC must have worked in Quebec in a proficient position for at least a year and they must be able to speak French at an intermediate level. Successful candidates will be provided with a Quebec Selection Certificate by the province of Quebec, permitting them to try for their permanent residence status. The procedure to go from temporary worker to permanent resident via QEC can take up to a period of 1 year or less.

International students who have completed their course of 2 years in a post-secondary institution, and with experience of working in a skilful position for 12 months, are permitted to apply for PR under a course of Express Entry System which is called the Canadian Experience Class.


Before going for these programs, a post-study work permit will also permit the students to acquire valid work experience, which could lead the way to permanent residency and is one of the perfect options to stay back in Canada. Students can work full-time as they wait for the acceptance of their PGWP application with their convincing and valid study visa. The post-graduation work permit certifies the international students as short-term residents in Canada. The entire PR application Canada might seem hectic, but Canada is also one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world.

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