6th Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

Review: University of Maryland Baltimore County

Learn about tuition, ranking to know if University of Maryland Baltimore County fits your background, budget and goals for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering students begin their studies by acquiring a solid foundation in mathematics, physics and design.

Higher-level courses cover the fundamental principles in the areas of solid mechanics, thermo fluids and design and manufacturing systems. Laboratory and elective courses give students the opportunity to test these principles and apply them individually and as teams in projects that involve design challenges from the material processing, energy conversion and aerospace industries, among others.

All Mechanical Engineering students take courses in Engineering Design as part of the core curriculum. The ME Design Experience culminates in a capstone design project, completed as part of a team and designed to provide the students with the type of work they will be performing as practicing engineers.

Interested students may also pursue a minor in Entrepreneurship through the Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship by taking a combination of entrepreneurship courses and Mechanical Engineering courses that include entrepreneurial skills development.

Through the Mechanical Engineering Department or the Career Center at UMBC, you have the opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the classroom and experience the real world through internships, co-ops, and/or research opportunities.

Benefits of Participating:

  • Gain valuable work experience in your major that will make you stand-out from your peers
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Develop a professional network
  • Reflect on your professional strengths and your future career
  • Earn money

As an Intern, you have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom within a professional environment. Internships can be part-time or full-time positions where you work at least 120 hours over the course of the semester (8-10 hours per week). While interning, you will gain valuable experience, have the opportunity to get your position noted on your transcript, and can even get paid!

With a Co-op, you will gain more than just experience. While alternating semesters between full-time work and full-time study, you’ll make money, build your network and oftentimes obtain a job offer in advance of graduation.

Research opportunities are available both on and off campus. These experiences offer a unique way to better understand your academic interests while possibly discerning how graduate school may play a role in your future. Many of our students participate in the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program on campus.

Is University of Maryland Baltimore County a good school?

Our feedback for you shortlisitng -

Following are the quick facts about the University of Maryland Baltimore:

  • Ranked #105 in Mechanical Engineering by US News and World Report
  • Tuition $25,654
  • SAT 1120-1320

In our shortlisting, we would place University of Maryland Baltimore County as follows:

  • Affordability, based on tuition and living expenses: 5 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)
  • Reputation, based on research, academic strength and ranking: 3 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)
  • Outcome, based on career success of alumni: 3 (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most desirable)
  • Depending on your academic, extra-curricular and other aspects of your profile, you could shortlist University of Maryland Baltimore County as your Safe School with a chance of getting admission as 75% or more.
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