MBA Interview
6th Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

SOP Graduate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

A Statement Of Purpose written by a student hoping to be admitted in Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Statement Of Purpose

I am a final year student of the four year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) program in Computer Science & Engineering at the ****, one of the nation’s premier institutes. My long-term career objective is to pursue a research career, either as a faculty in a university or a researcher in Industry and Graduate Study at your department would be the first step towards this Goal.

Since childhood I have had a strong inclination towards science. My excellent performance in academics inspired me to take up science as a career. I therefore, took the Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the **** and qualified in the top 0.12% of about 150,000 who took the test.

The excellent course structure coupled with high academic standard further stimulated my interest in scientific pursuit. My approach towards courses was to grasp the basic concepts so as to develop a ‘feel’ for the subject. My grades reflect my attitude towards courses. As a part of curriculum I actively participated in many innovative projects. As a result I have developed a keen interest and have a sufficient aptitude for research and therefore I believe that I shall be capable of meeting the best standards in research.

Interest Over the past two years in the Computer Science department, I have developed a keen interest in Programming Languages and Distributed & Parallel Systems. I have taken many courses related to this field and have done consistently well in them. Courses such as Programming Languages, Language Processors (Compilers), Operating Systems have given me considerable exposure to this field. I am taking a Graduate level Course on Parallel Algorithms next semester.

Currently I am involved in my B.Tech. Project on “Program Restructuring for GENSAT” under the guidance of Dr. yyy. Details of the project are given in my resume. Presently I am implementing an algorithm by Zahira Ammargulleat. I have proposed a few changes in her algorithm and have proved that the new algorithm would do better than the one proposed by her, in all the cases.

A good deal of teaching experience, as seen in my resume, makes me confident of my ability to communicate as a teacher.


Computer Science at UIUC is one of the best programs to pursue research in the field of Systems. From the information brochure, web pages and as advised by my guide, Dr. Dhamdhere, I have gathered that a considerable amount of research is being done in Systems in UIUC. A number of renowned faculty members of UIUC are working on the research frontiers of computer science. It would be my privilege to work with such renowned researchers, and contribute something useful to Computer Science.


I look forward to join UIUC as a Graduate student at your esteemed department.

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