12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Is a study abroad fair worth it?

Fairs! Yes, the only memory I have of fairs are the ones we've attended as kids. The ones with the swings and slides, the candy stalls with popcorn stalls littered. However, what is an education fair? Is it even worth the effort? Let's find out!

What are education fairs?

Well, let's address the elephant in the room.

Let's imagine you want to study abroad and are deciding between colleges, courses, and application deadlines, among other things. What if I told you you could find everything you needed in one place? Yes, there are education fairs!

Visiting educational fairs allows potential students to meet officials from universities. There is a fair gathering of numerous candidates where the primary topic of conversation is education, whether undergraduate or graduate.

Here are a few points on why Education Fairs are indeed worth your time!


One-Stop for University/College Choices

Find the right course for you among many. Like the many candy shops at funfairs, education fairs have representations from many universities and colleges. You can peruse their benefits and drawbacks in reality. You can attend their seminars, learn about their facilities and faculty, and how the student atmosphere might be the right choice for you. You will also be introduced to any new changes or additions in the course you want to opt for. You will also be informed about the opportunities beyond finishing the course.

Raise Your Queries to the Experts

If you have any chosen field/program in mind to study abroad, this is your chance to get expert help. Even if you haven't prepared anything, the university facilitators will aid you in reaching closer to your final decision. You will be in a live conversation about the standard criteria for application and courses. You will also have the exclusive chance to meet the alumni and learn from them about the close reality of living and studying abroad. A fellow student will only help your concerns be alleviated with the best answers.

Get Exclusive Access to Scholarship Aids

Deciding on the exemplary scholarship out of the many on the list is too taxing. Even more anxious than that is the process of getting through completing your scholarship application. Now that you have chosen a particular university or college, you can enlist the help of the concerned university's expert to make informed choices and write the exact answers to the questions asked. If you have any exceptional cases that warrant consideration, the experts can help you. They will also give you tips and tricks to simplify the process that is exclusive to either your application or the university/college. You can also address your financial concerns freely and will find more than a few convincing, motivating answers.

Application Processing

When you attend such programs and actively participate in the application filling and filing process, you will benefit from earning an application fee waiver. Furthermore, your application will be expedited. This is like a first-come, first-serve opportunity for potential abroad students. Experts can help you at any point you come up against any obstructions. If you have other extracurricular achievements or in any other field, you will be given the utmost inspiration to move further in the field.

Visa, PR, and Employment Queries

Before you even reach a foreign country, there are a lot of government red tapes that you have to cross. Education fairs will also allow you to understand, address, and perform according to the administration. You can also learn about internships and job opportunities open to you. Experts can also advise you on framing an outline of your job in the future. They can recommend changes/additions in your applications or activities in your chosen course to help you achieve your milestones to your goal. You can also discuss the available plans and processes meant for Permanent Residency in a foreign country if you desire to stay beyond your course completion and work.

Why should you attend the Azent Overseas Fair?

4.png At azent overseas education, we believe in collaborating with students to help them realise their aspirations of studying abroad. Our fairs will give you a better idea of what colleges worldwide have to offer. University of Exeter, York University, LaTrobe University, and Wolverhampton University are just a handful of the significant universities present at the fair.

What do we offer?

  • Meet & apply to top universities abroad
  • Get spot offers & scholarship assessments
  • Experience university campuses in virtual reality
  • Get expert IELTS coaching by certified trainers starting from ₹199
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