12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

How your Approach will Change after Studying Abroad

The idea of studying abroad seems like a dream! You can experience a new world where you build yourself from scratch, experience new cultures, and meet different people. Studying abroad provides you with so much more than that; it provides you with a sense of a new approach.

Sense of Comfort

We all know the comfort of staying at home and having our mom cook the most scrumptious meal for us while we lick our fingers clean and leave the utensils on the sink since it is now somebody else's problem! Studying abroad changes that; you don't have the luxury of coming home to a cooked meal, and if you do, it needs to be prepared by yourself. Your idea and sense of comfort change drastically! You begin to visualise a home you made, where the comfort level depends on your time management.

Decision Making

Another essential skill that changes with studying abroad is that of decision making. Knowing that every single decision you take is just yours and there is no mom and dad to rescue you has got to be intimidating, but needless to say, it teaches you a lot about how to deal with problems in the future and knowing that sometimes there are decisions that only need your input. Sometimes it may also leave you second-guessing yourself, but that is quite natural. It is how you increase your thinking and understanding abilities. When you are at a crossroads, your rational approaches define your steps in a new world.

Culture and Respect

New places have new values, manners, cultures, and people that are different from yours. Don't think of it as something so diverse that it becomes a hindrance. Think of it as something "new", just like a new song that requires you to hear it fully to pass any judgements. A new place also implores you to develop a certain level of respect within yourself for things, situations, values, and people that are different from yours. Because the world isn't black and white, it exists in varied shades of greys and other colours.

Self Awareness

We've all seen movies where a person finds themselves and is enlightened with a heightened sense of self-awareness, right?

While studying abroad, you experience the same in countless ways as you become used to your new surroundings. You reformulate whatever teachings and principles that have got you going till now. Yes, you become quite an adult with some serious responsibilities. However, that also means this awareness lets you know how to handle yourself in precarious situations and memorable events. You may or may not find your life's "true" goal, but you certainly start to live the phrase "go with the flow".

Things will go wrong, and it's okay!

Life is a learning curve, and no one, I mean no one, is perfect. You'll make mistakes - Take the wrong bus, arrive at a lecture late, or misplace your phone, for example.

You're in a new setting, meeting people, and are probably going to be busy, so no amount of preparation or organising can account for everything that can go wrong. Studying abroad instils in us the understanding that even when anything goes wrong, it's not the end of the world. And even though the world may seem cruel, you will find hope in a handful of people who are worthy of putting your trust in this life and this new world.

Letting Go

Our traditions, our cultures, our family values, and our teachings and beliefs do define us throughout our whole lives. But that doesn't mean they aren't flexible. You have to learn to let go of those unrealistic expectations and find adjustments in the real world, where sometimes even expectations have no value. For instance, what you learnt in your home college may not be of the same level. So accordingly, you must also let go of your previous academic expectations and redefine new ones. You can be at peace by relaxing your tight grip for some moments.

Acceptance and Humility

When you study abroad, you are frequently surrounded by people with varying opinions and ideologies. It might be challenging to accept someone else's point of view when it differs from your own, or you risk arguing with them about their belief system. However, just because someone believes differently than you do does not always mean that they are wrong or that you are entirely correct. We understand there is always a need for compromises and room for acceptance. And one of the biggest acceptances you will ever have is that you won't remain the same after this journey. Studying abroad will improve your life and vision.


As cliché as it may sound, living alone and studying abroad alters how we perceive fear. You get this new insight into accepting challenges you never thought would be in your hometown. Perhaps it's independence, or maybe it's the whole YOLO thing. It isn't at all a bad thing, at least not always! Fearlessness must also come from you voicing your opinions when needed, even if they are different, and most importantly, when situations arise that will directly affect your life and career.

You will never be the same again!

Studying abroad changes you in the best possible way!

You will have encountered wonderful people, witnessed stunning landscapes and had incredible experiences. Your world will have expanded, and there will be tiny pieces of your heart in places you've visited, stayed or even dined. You will also find moments of heartbreak and distrust, and disappointment. But when you look back at this journey, you won't ask to change a single thing because every part of this journey will have contributed to making you whoever you become in the future. It is indeed an intensely beautiful experience.

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