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5th Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

How To Convince Parents Before Studying Abroad

So, you are bright and ambitious. You are also convinced that a degree from a top foreign university is your ticket to success. But your dad (and mummy) don’t see it that way and you want to convince parents for study abroad..

Not that they are conservative. Or, may be, they are. You are also “apple of their eyes” and they are nervous about binge drinking, bikini babes and, of course, random shootings..

How to convince your parents to let you go abroad for study?

Here are some tips:

Catch the bull by the horn

It is vital for you to speak your mind out. Discuss in detail the pros and cons of studying abroad. Listen to their concerns patiently and address them sincerely. Clarity of your thoughts would make them positive and they will support your dream.


Do your research well and apprise your parents about the strong anti-ragging and anti-racism laws prevalent in the foreign destination. Also, ensure that you have a good health insurance to cater to any kind of physical ailments.


Show your parents that you are a meticulous planner and will balance your savings and expenses well. You might consider doing part time jobs to finance your education.

Teach Tech

Usually parents are worried about long distances and different time zones. Teach them how to use Skype, Google Hangout or What’s App so that they get comfortable in using these channels to connect with you.

Be wise career-wise

Explain to your parents the factual differences between education in India and abroad. Talk about difference in academic quality, flexibility and wide choices available, faculty, infrastructure and career benefits. Get your parents to talk to parents of your friends who are also interested in studying abroad.

Be “life ready” and not “job ready”

Above all, every parent wants his child to grow into a confident individual and be ready to face the challenges of life. Tell your parents that the international experience will open numerous career opportunities for you in today’s connected global economy. Working with international students from varied cultural backgrounds will help you learn team-work, appreciate diversity and give you a wider world-view.

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