2nd Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

Top 6 Tips To Build Valuable Relationships For International Students In The USA

The first thing that a student must adapt to while living abroad is to build friendships and create a social environment that makes you happy. You are living in a place that most of us only get to watch in movies and series. You are living in a country that has Disney World! To explore this extraordinary life you also have to face the crowd that comes with bearing Captain America’s shield. To help you out, we have a few letters of advice for you.

A- Ask your doubts and concerns. Start with your classroom. The American faculty prides on its forthcoming attitude to help students, in class, and in this journey called ‘life’. Mail your teacher! If you need some personal advice, reach out to your peers and instructors beyond the boundaries of a room.

B- Bridge the cultural gaps. Dive into the local culture. Spend time observing how people in the US live their lives, if they have any shared, common goals, why is that culture unique to you. At the same time, respect their individuality and your own. Be socially reachable, not just on Instagram.

C- Connect beyond the comfort zone. Many students take up part-time jobs or internships to gain experience as well as to add to their pocket money. Become a part of that professional atmosphere. Meeting new people is only the first step. Maintaining that relationship is the second and most important part of connecting outside your safe haven.

D- Diversify your thinking. You will meet people who have different thinking, background, and social circles that might be shocking to you. Remember to respect that, always. Forge relationships based on mutual love and support for each other. Sometimes, they see life through their eyes.

E- Engage in group activities. Don’t shy away from teamwork. You expand most of your network by showing others that you are reliable, trustworthy and a great friend to have.

F- Foster frankness of thoughts. Peer pressure is very common for all. Explain your position to your friend. Speak your mind with clarity. This character trait is appreciated in all spheres.

And go visit the Statue of Liberty. Dress for Halloween. Share the fun and happiness. You will come out as a different person entirely, with a new outlook towards life.

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