Advice for students who want to study in USA
12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Advice for Students who want to Study in the USA

Studying abroad is a scary and nervous step for all. Because you can only imagine the reality before you see the real thing. We leave a lot behind, but we gain irreplaceable items too. If you are planning to study in the US or live and study in the US for the first time, keep reading. It would help if you remembered that there would be certain challenges, as it is with every new place and new part of your life. Certain things are common to most international students.

You can checklist the following in your notepad.

Right Accommodation

Hard to find, even harder to let go. It is open to many scams on the internet. So be wise and choose reliably. If you already have a flatmate/roommate/friend, you are aces.

Time zone(s)

One of the biggest things to adapt to is the giant difference in times. Add all the relevant time zones in your timekeeping applications. Try to memorise the time difference.

Managing Finances

First, plan your expenses, at least a simple monthly plan of possible expenditures because new places come with new costs. Next, think and devise ways to save your money. Thirdly, look for internships or part-time jobs that cater to your academic schedule. Universities have groups/ clubs that can help you in this. It is imperative to figure out your financial plans and use all intelligent budget plans well.

Language Barriers

New accents and languages can become a major barrier. Slowly and steadily, you must adapt to the native language and accents. Even if you don’t speak their lingo fluently, you must be able to communicate coherently.

Academic Expectations

Your emotions might severely affect your academics. Talk to your close people when you feel burdened. Go for group studies or talk with your academic advisor(s) or teacher(s) to get the help you need. Don’t take it to your ego. Believe in yourself and compete with yourself, not others.

Cultural Diversity

It’s okay if they eat or sleep differently. And it’s absolutely fine if you are different too. Always remember not to lose your cultural identity and adapt to a wholly new one. Balance is the key. Appreciate the otherness you are feeling. And you know, you can always Google things if you don’t want to be rude or ignorant. 21st-century rocks!

Making Friends

It isn’t easy, but it’s not hard too. Just connect with the ones that make you feel safe and never pressure you to do or say anything. If you envision a scene where you are sitting with a large group of friends in the library or on the lawn, stop doing it now because that doesn’t happen overnight. And even if it does, it is fleeting. Massively high expectations hurt you. Start small. Bond with your roommate(s) and the classmates who share their pen/ pencils with you. That kindergarten stuff is something that works in a new place.


This is natural and can keep happening over time because you’re away from everything and everyone you know. So keep yourself active and engage in interesting conversations. Journal your feelings to know yourself better. You aren’t the only one. There are so many others like you who haven’t ever stepped out of their houses for graduation, and suddenly they are here for some degree, in a new place. Take this opportunity to know them. The shared sympathy will connect you. You will most probably vibe with your tribe. So, there are fewer chances of FOMO!

Just remember that whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Your bond with other international students becomes naturally strong this way. Do not be afraid to communicate with your student advisor or family member whenever you feel stuck. And more importantly, remember to have all the fun while living in the US.

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