Part-time Jobs in Australia for International Students
28th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Best City to Study in Australia for International Student

A safe, secure and beautiful study destination is the dream of all international students. For most international students, part-time is another critical factor in a new city. It is rare to have a perfect combination of all desired factors in a single location. With around seven cities ranked among the top 100 best cities to live in, Australia was a dream study destination for students for ages. The land of Kangaroos is safe, amiable and scenic.

The top cities to study in Australia are classified based on several factors. Six major factors determine the quality of life of international students in any country, including university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity, affordability, and student view.

Australia has universities ranked within 100, in the QS world ranking, for almost all subjects. The cultural diversity is solid and warm welcoming. Based on the above-discussed criteria, some of the best cities to study in Australia are listed below.


Melbourne, the capital city, is a busy and diverse location. The city is also home to seven outstanding world universities. The perfect geographic location, the music, the cultural mix and sports is the spirit of the city of Melbourne. With a high score of desirability, Melbourne was chosen as the second-best city to live in.

The climate is moderate and has balanced seasons, making it a top choice for Indian students in Australia. The standard of living is second to none, with high employer activity. International students find the city of Melbourne expensive but worth every penny.

A few of the best universities in Melbourne include -


The greener city, Sydney, is one of the best cities to live in Australia. Sydney is the financial capital of Australia and home to millions of international students. With high employer activity, cultural diversity, and student mix, Sydney is the second among the best cities in Australia.

The internationally prestigious universities are another factor that makes Sydney a top choice of students across the globe. The expenses are a little over affordable, and part-times are easy to find and manageable. Sydney has many great wildlife spots with a dense population of Koala bears and Kangaroos.

The top universities in Sydney are listed below -


Canberra is home to the largest population of international students in Australia. The globally ranked institutions, location, and student mix shifted

Canberra city four places up in Australia's ladder of best cities. Canberra has the most robust desirability index, and international students are attracted to the city's natural and man-made wonders. The living expense in the town is much less in comparison and is affordable. The city has more Indian students because of the presence of two technologically advanced universities.

The universities in Canberra are -


The city of Brisbane is a tourist spot with travellers from all around the globe. The city has some of the best adventure sports and friendly neighbourhoods that attracts students and tourists alike.

The geographic location, amiability, and cultural mix make Brisbane the best city in Australia to learn and leisure. The city has affordable accommodation, and the living expenses are comfortable for international students. Some of the world's top-ranked universities hail from Brisbane. The Buddha Birth Day festival is another attraction for the city of Brisbane.

A few of the top universities in the city include -


The western coast of Australia holds the name of the beautiful city of Perth. The town is less busy, setting a peaceful atmosphere, making Perth one of the best cities in Australia. The geographic location, cool climate, accessible transportation systems and scenic views make Perth stand out from the rest of the cities in Australia.

Perth scored the highest in student mix and desirability. The climate is highly favourable, setting Perth as the best city in Australia for Indian students. The population in Perth is small, and hence, part-time jobs are less competitive. The city has some of the best student accommodations in Australia.

Universities hailing from Perth are -


Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia. The town is a sporting hub, which attracts tourists throughout the year. The urban life, festivals, multicultural activities and climate set Adelaide a desirable study location for international students.

Adelaide's liveliness can be felt across the city, and its energy is palpable. The town is another affordable choice for international students and is diverse in many respects.

Some of the best universities in Adelaide are listed below -

Gold Coast

Located south of Brisbane is the beautiful city of the Gold Coast. The town is less heard of but has the best and biggest housings in all of Australia.

The spacious location, easy access and transportation, and the greens make Gold Coast a desirable housing location for most international students. The city has excellent part-time options and a nice mix of people. The town is a suburban location and home to three national parks of Australia.

Universities in Gold Coast are -

Australia has one of the best immigrant-friendly visa policies in the world. Every year a million international students board to Australia to make the best of their educational experience. There are ample part-time and employment options for students. The top-ranked institutions, the wildlife and cultural mix are vital desirable factors in Australia. Australia is the right choice for students who wish to settle and work abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) Is Australia good for Indian Students?

Yes, Australia is good for Indian students to learn and work. The climate is compatible, and Australia is a safe and secure place.

2.) Which city in Australia has the lowest cost of living?

Adelaide is the city with the lowest cost of living in Australia. Cairns, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Hobart are other options to consider.

3.) Which city in Australia has the most international students?

Sydney has more international students. Every year at least 50,000 students from around the globe come to Sydney.

4.) Is Australia expensive for Indian Students?

Yes, Australia is expensive for Indian students. Australia is less costly compared to the US and has more part-time options.

5.) Can Indian students work in Australia?

Yes, Indian students can work in Australia as per the student visa regulations.

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