Best Cities to study in Australia

Top Courses to Study After 12th in Australia - All you need to know!

Planning a career after the 12th is much too stressful. There's a lot of peer pressure from your social groups as well as the expectation to respect your parents' high hopes. Ultimately, the decision rests on you. If planning to study abroad is your wish, then the 'land of kangaroos' may be your best choice. With an outstanding level of performance in education, Australia has 7 of the best universities among the 100 listed in 2019's data conducted by the website,

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast have also been ranked as the 7 best student cities out of the world's 100 best ones. According to previous research of 2016, nearly 90% of graduate students have secured full-time jobs by 2019. Furthermore, Australia also has excellent opportunities for international students for post-study work and even a significant chance of living and working in Australia permanently. The courses in Australia are as much practical as they are theoretical.