International universities with placement drives
18th Feb 2024
Manisha Sharma

Top International Universities for Great Placements: Your Gateway to Global Careers

Explore renowned institutions like Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, NUS, and University of Toronto for excellent placements and a thriving overseas education experience. Consult Azent for expert guidance.

Many students wish to study abroad as it would help them broaden their horizons. Apart from the valuable educational and campus experience, students opt for a foreign education for better professional prospects.

If you're aspiring to study abroad, go for an international university with a good placement cell. Check out the details of some of the institutions with the best placement drives in this blog.

Best International Universities for Securing Placements

Studying abroad promises an immersive experience. However, getting placed in a good company is an important objective for students pursuing foreign education.

So, check out this list of international universities that promise good placements once your education comes to an end.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University provides placements to almost all students who have secured admission to this prestigious institution. The most popular courses for securing good job placements are the Master of Law and MBA courses.

Did you know that some top companies hiring Harvard graduates include McKinsey, EY, Google, Deloitte, Amazon, and Morgan Chase? Major industries that invite Harvard graduates include management consulting, accounting, professional services, healthcare, and alternative medicine.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is another prestigious educational institution that offers placements to its graduates. The university's undergraduate students organise MIT Career Fairs every year, which see the participation of nearly 450 companies and around 5000 students. It’s inevitably the biggest recruiting event on campus.

Some top companies recruited from MIT include IBM, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Google, Morgan Stanley, Disney, JP Morgan Chase & Co, American Express and more. The top industries in which MIT graduates choose to start their careers include consulting, finance, consumer products, software/internet, automotive/aerospace, manufacturing industries, computers, and electronics.

3. University of Cambridge

This reputed university in the United Kingdom is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world. University of Cambridge is renowned for its courses on STEM subjects, especially computer science and engineering programs. The university's MBA program is famous for offering consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, technology, and more specialisations.

Some of the top recruiters include the Big 4 companies, JP Morgan, Rothschild, Thomson Reuters, BBC, Google, Microsoft and many more. As a student, you'll receive guidance from the placement cell regarding writing cover letters and sending applications.

If you are unaware of the procedures involved in securing admission, take the help of Azent Overseas Education, one of the best educational consultants in India.

4. University of Oxford

This university is another prestigious institution with a history of academic excellence. Employers love to hire Oxford graduates as they turn out to be dynamic and well-rounded figures. This renowned university has produced multiple heads of state and Nobel prize winners.

The placement cell enables Oxford graduates to start their careers in some of the established names across industries. Some job profiles employers rely on at Oxford University are data scientists, software engineers, management consultants, senior research scientists, chief executive officers, and software developers.

5. National University of Singapore (NUS)

You can consider NUS, which is famous for its placement cell. Various recruitment drives are held on campus, which helps students have a better understanding of potential employers. Moreover, NUS students get a wide range of placement support, including an MBA resume book, networking events, an employment directory, career workshops, and career coaching.

Top companies that hire from NUS include Amcor, Dell, EY, Microsoft, Tata, Johnson & Johnson and more. A maximum of the students get employed within three months of graduation. You can use the course finder of Azent to search for an ideal program.

6. University of Toronto

When you decide to study abroad, you can consider the University of Toronto, which is a reputed institution in Canada. The people in charge of placement at the university are beneficial and organise various career planning and development events for students. Apart from career fairs, career workshops, and on-campus recruitment drives, various other programs help students secure jobs.

Career Start and Career Navigator are online tools that help students check career opportunities and availabilities. The career and co-curricular learning network is an online resource that allows students access to career development-related resources. Most students get placed in legal and paralegal services, financial services, executive management and change, sales and business development, and program and project management.

Are you worried about mastering cultural adaptation? Check out these essential tips for a smooth overseas education experience.

Key Takeaway

Choosing a university with a good placement cell is essential when you decide to study abroad. It helps students to know about career opportunities and prospects. A good placement cell prepares students to face a competitive professional world through counselling and mock interviews. The list of international universities mentioned in this blog provides students with good placements. Consult Azent if you need help in applying to these institutions.

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