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10th Jan 2023
Afia Azmi

The Insider's Guide to the Top 10 Universities in Canada 2023

Canada is well-known for delivering excellent education at affordable tuition rates and awarding globally recognised degrees. The country welcomes almost 500,000 foreign students. When you factor in the high standard of living the abundance of job and immigration options following graduation, and Canada comes out as a top choice for Indian students looking to study abroad.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was established as a public institution in 1827, and about 80% of its students pursue undergraduate degrees. The university has three campuses in and near Toronto - St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

The University of Toronto is ranked as the world's 18th finest university. The university has academic divisions dedicated to various subjects, including management, applied science and engineering, and public health. The university offers over 200 master's and doctoral degrees and 700 undergraduate programmes. The primary language of Instruction is English.

The average annual tuition fee is CAD 63,500.

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McGill University

McGill University, founded in 1821 in Quebec, Canada, is a public university. The university has two campuses - the Macdonald campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and the downtown campus in Montreal. Furthermore, about 20 miles separate the two campuses. Although English is the primary teaching language, a recent poll found that over 20% of university students indicated French as their first language.

Around 300 different study options are available at the university's 10 faculties and schools, which include those for agricultural and environmental sciences, the arts, dentistry, education, engineering, law, management, music, and science. The majority of university students—about two-thirds—attend undergraduate programmes.

The Best Global Universities list places McGill University at 54, and the average annual tuition fee for international students is 30,000 CAD.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a public university in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The institution was founded in 1908 and inaugurated in 1915. Its two primary sites are the Okanagan campus in Kelowna and the Vancouver campus. More than 85% of UBC students attend the larger of the two campuses in Vancouver.

The Okanagan campus contains eight academic divisions, compared to more than twenty on the Vancouver site. Two-term winter and summer sessions are offered on both campuses, while the summer session is optional. On the Best Global Universities list, the University of British Columbia is ranked 35th.

The annual tuition fees range from CAD 5,729 to CAD 9,232

University of Alberta

Founded in 1908, the University of Alberta is a public university. The university has around 80% undergraduate students. Moreover, it is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. The university has five campuses, including the main North Campus, four located in Edmonton.

The arts, business, engineering, and medicine are among the academic subjects accessible at the University of Alberta, ranked #136 on the list of Best Global Universities.

French is the dominant language, and English is the language of instruction. The University of Alberta has a student body that is more than 20% international, and its tuition rates are higher.

For undergraduate programmes, tuition at the University of Alberta ranges from CAD 29,500 to CAD 47,314 a year.

McMaster University

Founded in 1887, McMaster University is a public university. The main campus of the Canadian institution is located in a Hamilton, Ontario neighbourhood close to the western shore of Lake Ontario and not far from the American border. There is university-run student housing available, and alternatives include themed communities with all-female housing, active living communities with a focus on health, and communities with a global viewpoint.

The principal language of teaching at the institution is English, and there are six main academic divisions: engineering, health sciences, humanities, science, social sciences, and the DeGroote School of Business. Additionally, McMaster University has an arts and science programme with an annual enrollment of about 60 students, providing a more interdisciplinary undergraduate education.

The Best Global Universities list places McMaster University at #138. Tuition fees for international students are around 25,000 CAD.

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal was founded in 1878 and is a public university. It was formerly a division of the Université Laval de Québec, but in 1919 it separated into a separate organisation. The university has ties to the business school HEC Montréal and the engineering school Polytechnique Montréal. Both graduate and full-time undergraduate students have housing options at the university.

The University of Montreal is ranked 156th among all universities worldwide. The university, often known as UdeM, offers more than a dozen academic departments that cover the social, natural, and health sciences and the arts and humanities. Although many graduate programmes, including PhD programmes in biochemistry, neurosciences, and pharmacology, admit English-speaking students, the predominant language of instruction is French.

Tuition expenses for international undergraduate and graduate students range between 20,000 and 24,000 CAD each year.

University of Calgary

The most entrepreneurial city in the country is home to Canada's top university, the University of Calgary. The University of Calgary, one of the top 10 research universities in Canada, is home to 73 Canada Research Chairs and more than 80 research institutes and centres tsociety'society's most pressing and new problems.

Over 33,000 students thrive in programmes at the University of Calgary, which is developing into a major intellectual centre of the world. These programmes are enriched by research and practical experience. The institution today serves the larger community with possibilities for lifelong learning and more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programmes.

The University of Calgary is one of the top 175 universities in the world. The fee for international students, on average, is 37,000 CAD.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo was founded as a public university in 1957. The main campus of the Canadian university is located in Ontario, close to a number of the Great Lakes and the American border. Although a few graduate programmes charge domestic and international students the same amount, overseas students often receive higher tuition. Both graduates and undergraduate students can live on campus.

In the list of the top global universities, the University of Waterloo is ranked #191. The university's six primary academic divisions are the applied health sciences, the arts university's, the environment, math, and science. The university has three terms in its academic calendar, and English is the language of instruction.

International students' fees range from CAD 43,000 - CAD 63,000.

University of Ottawa

About 4,300 students, 200 faculty members, and more than 30,000 alumni call the University of Ottawa their academic home. It's located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada. Because of accreditations from the three most strict international organisations, the institution is recognised as one of the world's best business schools (AACSB, AMBA, & EQUIS).

Master's in Business Administration (MBA), Master's in Health Administration (MHA), Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA), Master's in Health Administration (EMHA), Master of Science in Management (Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, and OBHR), Master of Science in Health Systems, and the PhD Program (Account & Control, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Systems, OBHR are some of the top programs offered by the university.

Fees for international students averages around 27,000 CAD.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University, founded in 1818, has 13 academic colleges dedicated to furthering learning through excellent education. The central research-intensive university in Atlantic Canada receives more than $190 million in research funding annually due to its passion for discovery. In addition to being a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Universities, Dalhousie conducts ground-breaking research and innovates in the lab, the studio, and the area.

The institution offers various academic programmes in the humanities, sciences, engineering, nursing, medicine, and dentistry. In addition, they offer graduate degrees in law, education, and business administration. The graduate programmes at Dalhousie University are well-known throughout the world. The university also provides over 40 doctoral and 90 master's programmes.

Ranked #314 in the list of the Best Global Universities, its fee range for international students is around CAD 33,000.

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