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22nd Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

University Application Checklist to Submit Couriering Docs and Health Clearance

Correctly submitting all the different pieces of your college application is like a test — one you can easily pass. While the process may seem complicated, a little organization and attention go a long way.

Getting Organized

Application submission to colleges can be done online or through mail. Online applications can be processed quickly and may have built-in checks to ensure all materials are included. Mailed applications are easier to proofread. The points listed below will set you up to succeed in the application process.

  • Set deadlines for completing essays, collecting recommendations and filling out forms a few weeks before they’re actually required. Mark these earlier deadlines on your calendar and don’t miss them. College websites are the best place to find accurate deadline information.
  • Using the exact same name on all your forms makes things easier for admission officers. It is mandatory that the same name used on the identification document for Indian Students is used through the entire application form.
  • Careless mistakes on your application form can hurt your chances of getting accepted. After you finish an application, it is recommended to put it aside for a day and then check it all over for errors. Having a teacher or parent proofread it as well is a wise thing to do. All online applications should be saved and reviewed before submitting them.
  • All transcripts need to be sent to colleges that you are applying to and the same needs to be done well in time. The people you ask to write recommendation letters also need to know where you’re applying if they’re mailing the letters themselves.
Completing the Package

Once you’ve completed your application, follow these tips to make sure all the parts get where they’re going.

  • Anything that needs to be mailed, including your application itself, should be sent in several weeks before it is due. This allows time for delivery and processing. Online materials should be sent weeks before the deadline as well.
  • When you apply online, you’ll usually get an automated response saying your materials have been received. If you don’t, contact the college’s admission office. Don’t apply online again or mail in another application.
  • Make a copy of each piece of each application. Save personal identification numbers, passwords, canceled checks and notes or emails from admission officers. This documentation can save you if a problem arises.
  • If you mail applications, put a stamped postcard addressed to your house in each package so admission officers can let you know that your materials arrived. The U.S. Post Office also offers a similar “return receipt” service. It may take a few weeks for confirmation cards to reach you.
  • If you get a notice saying something is missing, don’t panic. Just call the admission office and calmly ask what steps you can take. This is why you wisely saved copies of everything and sent in your application early!
Health Clearance Forms

Students who wish to study or intern abroad must be cleared by a health care provider. When determining a student’s clearance status, please include the following steps for application submission:

  • Students health history to be discussed/ reiewed paying particular attention to medications that the student may need, any allergies the student may have, and all currently active health problems.
  • A thorough physical examination is to be done.
  • Pay special attention to any chronic health conditions, and any medications the student is taking. Students may be cleared with these conditions provided they are in compliance with, and stable on, their medication.
  • A Specialist Report form is recommended if the patient is under the care of a specialist for a chronic condition or if the need for a specialist evaluation is determined.
  • Assess the need for any continued health care, counseling or laboratory testing while abroad so the student can determine the availability of adequate facilities at the program site. Students may be cleared for participation as long as, in the opinion of the examining provider, any health condition the student may have is under control and has been stable for a reasonable period.
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