16th Dec 2022
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Work Experience Certificate - All you need to know!

What is a Work Experience Certificate?

Employees receive a written document called a "work experience certificate" after finishing their employment. This document attests to the employee's prior employment with the business or organisation.

It provides information on a worker's previous title, job role, and associated information. Potential employers or organisations may request that candidates obtain this certificate and submit it for examination. They also utilise it to verify the duration and title of prior work.

Why do you need a Work Experience Certificate?

A work experience certificate is needed if you intend to pursue an MBA or master's degree at a reputable university overseas, and the admissions application asks about the past job.

Your application's inclusion of a genuine and great experience certificate may significantly impact the selection process. On a work experience certificate, the admissions committee also requests the candidate's job title and period of employment.

Work experience can offer you the skills and self-assurance to talk to or engage with your peers, which can further assist you in learning more about the course or industry of your choice.

A job can help you enter your dream institution by showcasing your genuine interest and excitement for the chosen subject.

What does a Work Experience Certificate include?

Any and every work experience certificate include some primary components which remain constant throughout all formats, which include -

  • The day the letter was sent out
  • Identifier of the worker
  • Position, title, or designation
  • Signing up and final dates
  • Information about your job duties
  • Additional relevant information
  • Wishing the candidate well in their future endeavours
  • Seal and signature of the business or organisation

The job experience certificate aids in identifying an employee's prior experience, job function, and talents in their respective fields, as well as their previous employers. In many circumstances, it also serves as proof of employment.

Format of a Work Experience Certificate

The work experience certificate must be in the proper format. The letter should contain the following details and be written in a formal and courteous tone.

  • It should be written on the organisation's letterhead.
  • The date on which the certificate was created
  • To Whom It May Concern: Declaration/Salutation (if the document is to be sent to a particular university, do address it to the Admissions Officer)
  • Full name of the employee as it appears in the records
  • Time on the job (Joining date and last working day in the company)
  • Employee's Position or Designation
  • Performance Details
  • Congratulations to the candidate
  • Signed by the manager, the department head, the head of human resources, or another authorised signatory of the business
  • Should bear the company's stamp or seal.

Typical Workplace Experience Format

Business letterhead

Work Experience Document



Whoever This May Concern

This attests that Mr. or Mrs. (Employee Name) worked for our company from (Start Date) until (Date) (End Date).

We observed them diligent, sincere, and effective during their stay. We wish them the best of luck in all of their future endeavours.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1) How do I get a work experience certificate?

Criteria for obtaining a letter of work experience -

  • An employee must have served the company for a predetermined amount of time (as per company policy).
  • There is no disagreement regarding any liability between the employee and the employer.
  • All-important or delicate company documents have been given to an employee.

Q.2) What is a work experience certificate?

Employees receive a written document called a "work experience certificate" after finishing their employment. This record demonstrates the employee's prior employment with the business or organisation.

Q.3) Are our work experience and certificate of employment the same?

Despite having distinct names, both are the same. When an employee works for a company, the employer must provide the employee with an experience letter or service certificate to recognise the years, months, or days of service. The position and length are often certified by a service certificate.

Q.4) Who can give an experience certificate?

Your employer gives you a certificate of experience. You will need to ask them for an experience letter if they still need to provide one.

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