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4th Dec 2022
Afia Azmi

How to Apply for UK Student Visa?

The number of students moving abroad to pursue their studies has been increasing day by day. By studying abroad students will experience a new way of learning and teaching. Your exposure to a diverse group of people from different parts of the world will help you to develop your people skills. The number of students apply for uk student visa increased because of UK highly valuable Degree and quality Education. The United Kingdom (U.K.) has been fairly attracting students to its esteemed universities from all over the world. The University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, The King's College, and many more universities and colleges provide a lot of opportunities to an individual seeking to enhance his/her skill or knowledge in fields of pure sciences, economics, engineering, and fine arts. If you have made it this far, you never know your heart might be making its way towards the United Kingdoms!

But, hey! If you are already packing your bags and ready to board a flight to your dream institute in the next few days, well you should definitely make sure you have the proper paperwork ready with you. The bulk of information might be difficult to munch in at first, but a bit of meticulous and smart planning will save you a score of hours. There are many job opportunities available in UK for students Read on to know about the first and the foremost important document you need to keep ready with you? "No prizes for correct guesses". It's the UK Study Visa! Let me explain to you the step-by-step to apply for a student visa

What are the requirements for UK Visa?

Eligibility criteria for UK Student Visa -

  1. You should be accepted by a designated institution.
  2. Financial proofs i.e., disclosing the amount of money to support your studies.
  3. No criminal record proof.
  4. Medical certificate.

Documents required for visa process -

  1. A current passport
  2. Acceptance from the University and the documents used to obtain Confirmation of Acceptance.
  3. Financial evidence that state the funds provided for your living expenses for the particular duration of your course
  4. Passport-size photographs
  5. Qualifications
  6. Assessment documentation
  7. Immigration Medical Examination
  8. English language proficiency exam score

There are some other conditions before applying for a Tier4 visa and they are -

  1. Age should be greater than 16
  2. Should have a basic understanding of English
  3. Should have received a letter of acceptance from a licensed university under the Government of the UK.
How to apply for a UK Visa?

Check the processing times

The visa application process may take from 3-4 weeks. To apply for a UK visa as early as possible. You can go through the UK consultant website to know the approximate time taken to process the student visa.


Download the application and read the instruction guide. The instruction guide contains certain information regarding the study permits and the instructions that will help you to complete your application. Go through the guide carefully and fill the application form.

Pay the processing fee

While submitting an application, visa fees must be paid immediately. The visa fee that is paid by the students is non-refundable.

Submit your application
Submit your application and you will be provided with a unique tracking number to track the progress of your application online.

Getting a visa is not a very easy process. It requires lots of effort and dedication but once you get your visa it's worth the process.

UK student Visa Fees

The UK visa fees are different depending on the type of visa you are wishing for. The fee of a General Tier 4 Visa is nearly 348 pounds per person plus 150 pounds for allowing access to the National Health Service during your stay there. The Short Term Visa costs nearly 97 pounds for a stretch of 6 months. One has to keep the duration needed for the visa to be issued and do all the proceedings as planned well beforehand. A minimum duration of at least 3 months is quite advisable.

What are the common reasons for visa rejection?

Now a failed VISA application is a rarity and is always due to the lack of proper arrangement. So the most inevitable reasons are -

  1. Missing Documents: One needs to undergo proper planning during stacking the documents for submission. A handwritten checklist is highly advisable.
  2. Ingenuine or clouded answers in the interviews regarding the future plans of the individual might lead to rejection of the visa application.
  3. Unable to produce a proper bank statement or approval regarding the needed financial stability for sustaining student life in the UK might lead to rejection too.
Are there any post-study stay visa options in UK?

Suppose one has completed the course for which he had flown to the UK yet wants to continue his/her stay regarding additional courses or further studies, then he/she needs to extend the duration of the applied visa, and it could be done by meeting the following requirements -

  1. Being present in the United Kingdom at the time of visa reapplication.
  2. Fulfill the same criterion as mentioned above for a Tier-4 Visa.
  3. Financial amount : 475GBP for extension + 300GBP per year health surcharges + 19.20GBP for biometric verification.

Well, now you are armed with sufficient knowledge to board the flight of your dreams to your dream institution in the UK. Good luck!

When you complete your study abroad program and return home, you will return with a new aspect of culture, education, language, and a willingness to learn. By studying abroad, you will be able to rediscover yourself and you will become more responsible with your life and choices. Studying abroad will help you to expand your horizons.

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