12th Nov 2022
Afia Azmi

Best Way to Choose A Study Abroad Scholarship

As studying abroad can be an expensive affair, one needs as much help as one can get. The decision to study overseas requires a lot of thinking and planning. While you may be able to manage at least half of the budget, there is still a large chunk of activities left that need external financial aid or support. There are many scholarships for international students to live and study abroad. These scholarships are sanctioned by the foreign government or by individual universities.


If you can think it, you can very well do it. But before you approach any scholarship applications, perform a calculated and comprehensive analysis of the course you are doing and which scholarships may fit you.

Early Bird Access: Apply early

The more you wait for the right moment, it will never come. So jot down the important dates and deadlines and the relevant websites and application trackers that are imperative to your scholarship process.

Curate Your Profile

Some scholarships will not suit you, and not all will reward you for your efforts. Make sure you work on your grades. Keep updating your profile by doing side hustles that show your passion for the scholarship and the program you are applying for.

Checklist Applicability

There are a lot of scholarships that will suit you the best. But only a handful will make you eligible and be the best fit for them. List out and compare and contrast that handful of scholarship programs.


Apart from the foreign university or country, many other programs or agencies sponsor other, more you-fitting scholarships. Some NGOs and other governmental agencies have more beneficial scholarships which may fit you better.

Provide Details

When applying for any scholarship, always list all the details and documents they ask of you to ensure that you have the right-fit scholarship in your hands.


If you think this scholarship is right for you, prepare for it well, as your life depends on it.

Scholarships can work for you only if you commit to them. They take your time and your patience. Research and always listen to your intuition. Your best-fit scholarship is what makes you fulfil your dream of studying abroad. 

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